Wooden Door Designs For Your Home

When you are thinking of the interior, it is mandatory to give some attention to the design of the doors also. Doors are functional elements of your home, as they provide much-needed safety and security from the outside world. The doors are important, as they can add aesthetic attraction and enhance your decor statement.

Front Door Designs For A Great Impression

The entry door is habitually the first notion that people see when they look at home. Our front door design and colour say much about our flavours, and they impact what we are trying to make. They are also essential security features of our home and buildings, providing the primary fence between the street, our properties and anyone who wants to occupy their grips on them.

The contemporary teak wood door designs

Teak is a popular choice for constructing contemporary wooden doors because the wood displays an attractive honey colour and is extremely dense. This results in doors with an unparalleled classic appearance that any other type of wood cannot match. Teak is an ideal building material for doors because it is durable and requires little maintenance. The wood is resistant to rot, warping, and cracking and is therefore used in a wide variety of applications, including doors, conservatory doors, bedroom doors, kitchen doors, bathroom doors, showpieces, and much more. A well-chosen selection of wooden doors will bring your house an exquisite classic appearance while adding to its value.

Doors and railings made from teak will definitely add value to your property, providing years of grace and beauty. These attractive doors and railings also provide the homeowner with many benefits such as – Fire door provides higher security against burglary, fire, and other hazards. Elegant style and contemporary designs that are a pleasure to open and close. Attractive and durable doors and railings that add charm to the entire house. Longer-lasting durability and greater resistance to stains and scratches. Durable operation during all kinds of weather conditions – Reduced repair costs. Increased resale value as these doors and railings are highly demanded.

Panelled wooden door designs

The design of panelled wooden doorways can be anything from a simple two panelled design to a fully enclosed design incorporating a top and bottom panel that slides open and closed. Many homeowners are opting for the fully enclosed option because it looks much more refined and modern. For those who are not so concerned about the appearance of their entrance can opt for a variety of wood stains and finishes to suit their individual taste. There are also many distinctive styles that you can choose from. One of the most popular choices for this type of entrance is the lacquer look, which is complete using fine, clear lacquer apply to the surface of the panels by using specialist equipment.

Rectangular panel door designs

This door would be perfect to compliment any new century-rise house in the marketplace. The design and the use of geometric lines and proportions to create an illusion of height are the hallmarks of this style door. A close combination of old and new – an old-style rectangular panel door and new tempered glass panels, each with faux top over a square louvred panel door, square moulded credenzas with bevelled glass-fronted by square louvres, two sets of louvres on each side of the panels. Frameless. Each panel is fitted with two sets of hinges on the outside and a concealed interior zippered pocket for keys. Large windows at the east and west sides for letting in natural light.

A perfect combination of old and new – an old-style rectangle panel door and new tempered glass panels. Each with faux top and faux foot glazing, square moulded credenzas with bevelled glass-fronted by smooth-edged square louvres, two pairs of louvres to each side of the panels. Frameless. Each panel is fitted with two sets of hinges on the outside and a concealed interior zippered pocket for keys.

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Doors are a vital part of home design and security. They formulate the right first opinion of what is going in addition. One will also make a concept with the door if the interior of the space may be in stark contradiction. Therefore, it necessitates a modern spectacular door design to be eye-catching and deliver maximum functionality simultaneously. Some door materials can boost energy efficiency, while some act as a way to interact with the encompassing theme of the house. They provide an engineered composition and sincerity along with character and measurement to your home.