2016 Honda Accord Battery Battery Size and Price Guide

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Protect your Honda Accord by replacing common maintenance items, like the battery. Find out how to replace a 2016 Honda Accord battery, what size you need and how much typical batteries cost. See how easy it can be to remove, recycle and replace an Accord battery.

What Battery Size Do You Need?

Battery sizes vary according to manufacturer and model. The main features to look for when comparing batteries are group size and cold cranking amps. A Honda Accord battery group size is typically 24F, but be sure to use a VIN lookup tool or ask a trusted customer service agent for the right option for your vehicle.

The cold cranking amps measure how many amps the battery can provide in cold temperatures. If the number is too low, then your Accord may not start in extremely cold situations. Be sure to get an OE exact fit battery to avoid issues with installation and use.

How Much Is a New Battery?

Beyond size and cranking amps, batteries vary in warranty length and brand. Prepare to pay between $110 and $250 for a new battery for your 2016 Honda Accord. On the lower end, you’ll receive a one- or two-year warranty from a reliable brand. High-end batteries use an advanced construction style, like absorbed glass mat, and offer three-year warranty protection.

If you’re not sure exactly what battery you want, ask a customer service agent. Whether shopping online or at a reputable store, you can weigh the pros and cons of different battery types with the help of a trained customer service agent.

How Do You Replace a Battery?

Find out how to test a car battery with a multimeter before replacing it. If the reading is low, or your battery is over three years old, then it may be time to order a new one.

Promptly install a new battery once you purchase one. Park your Accord on a flat, well-lit surface and locate the battery in the engine compartment.

While wearing protective gloves and eyeglasses, use an adjustable wrench or socket wrench to remove the negative battery cable from the terminal. Never touch the positive terminal until the negative one is fully removed and set to the side.

Remove the positive cable next, taking care not to touch the two cables together or touch the positive cable to the negative battery terminal. Look for any restraint system, usually a strap or case, that may be holding your battery in place.

Carefully pull the old battery out and set it in a safe spot until you can recycle it. Install the new battery in reverse order, taking care to restrain it first, install the positive cable then the negative one. Dielectric grease and a battery cable cleaning kit can reduce the risk of corrosion.

Where Are Highly Rated Batteries For Sale?

Check out highly rated batteries at a trusted online auto parts store. Ship a 2016 Honda Accord battery straight to your home to take on this simple DIY process. If you’re not interested in DIY repairs, drive to a nearby auto parts store and ask about battery testing, recycling and installation services.