4 Things You Didn’t Know About Living in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a city referred to in extremes. Whether you live there or have never been, it’s either the place where dreams can come true or a hotbed of criminal activity and chaos.

The reality, of course, falls somewhere in between. Los Angeles County consists of prestigious cities like Malibu and Beverly Hills, as well as places with not-so-great reputations. 

Los Angeles itself has a population of nearly 4 million people, so diversity is a given. Just when you think you know how to label the city, something new and different shows up, like these lesser-known L.A. facts that may surprise you.

1. L.A. is the Second-Most Densely Populated Place in the United States

On average, the population density (how many people live in an area) per square mile in the U.S. is about 93 people. As mentioned, L.A. has 4 million people living in an enclosed 502.76 square mile area. 

Mathematically, this puts roughly 7,952 people per square mile, with a cut-off on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the east by mountains. 

You can see how that would make the city rather crowded, with 12 major freeways attempting to solve the notorious bumper-to-bumper traffic. It’s no wonder that L.A. has the highest rate of injurious or fatal traffic accidents in the country and why the career of a Los Angeles accident attorney is so in-demand in the area. 

Fun fact: The average lifelong L.A. driver will spend 59 hours sitting in traffic.

2. You’ll Get Sunshine, But Not Beach Weather

If you’ve never been to L.A., you’re probably picturing surfers and beachgoers frolicking in the Pacific waves and shoppers strolling down the streets as the warm sun shines down on them.

You’re partly right, but if you show up in Los Angeles with your bathing suit and summer clothes, you’re likely going to be cold. 

L.A. has a very mild, consistently cool-to-warm climate. There’s hardly any precipitation, and the temperatures range from an average high of 68 in the cold months to 84 in the warm months. 

Yes, it can get colder and warmer, but don’t count on it. The city is nestled between the mountains and the ocean, so you’ll have plenty of sunshine, a sea breeze, and boat weather. But if you choose to jump in the Pacific, keep in mind that it’ll be somewhere between 52 and 68 degrees.

3. Some of the Best Healthcare Facilities Are in L.A.

L.A. is where the A-list celebrities are, from movie stars to athletes. It makes sense that these big-money people can afford the best healthcare, so you’ll see a lot of impressive medical facilities cropping up in the city.

Cutting-edge technology, low-profile, high-success rehab centers, state-of-the-art cancer treatment facilities, and more are in the city. If you’re considering a move for health reasons, L.A. is a smart choice.

To name a few of the top-rated medical institutions, you’ll find:

  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a treatment facility that specializes in 12 widespread adult conditions
  • UCLA Medical Center, a massive campus that focuses on 14 adult conditions and 8 children’s diagnoses
  • Keck Medical Center and Hospital, a specialty center for the treatment of 9 adult conditions

On top of these vast centers, there are thousands of smaller, specialized facilities designed for drug and alcohol treatment, cosmetic surgeries, and more. It’s an ideal place for those who want to be close to some of the most innovative healthcare options in the country.

4. You Won’t Be Bored

Contrary to the popular stereotypes, L.A. is more than beaches and movie stars. In fact, you don’t need to be interested in either of these things to enjoy your time in the City of Angels.

While you’re there to visit, or after you get settled from your move, be sure to make time for some of these cultural attractions:

  • Universal Studios and Warner Bros. Studios theme parks
  • A live sporting event (football hosts the Rams, baseball hosts the Dodgers, and basketball hosts the Lakers, but there are many more teams in L.A. to cheer on)
  • The iconic Hollywood sign from its most advantageous view on Sunset Blvd.
  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame, where you can find your favorite star on a star, and then check out the TCL Chinese Theater at the same place

From beaches to celebrities and beyond, you’re sure to find something to keep you busy.


Before you head to the City of Angels, try to get rid of any preconceived ideas of what you’re going to find there.

 Los Angeles is a diverse mix of the richest and poorest people, beaches and skyscrapers, and back-to-the-basics living combined with luxury lifestyles. The only thing you can definitely count on seeing is the traffic!


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