5 Best Alternative Sports News Websites

With so many sports news websites online, it can be hard to know which ones to read—and which ones to trust. After all, you need a reliable source to provide you with the latest scores, results, and updates, but with so many available, how do you know which site to choose?

Fortunately, we’ve trailed through Google search results, scoured countless sports news websites, and perused pages of content to provide you with our top picks. Whether you’re a rugby fan, a football aficionado, or love a good game of golf, we’ve got an alternative sports site to help you keep up to date. 

Bleacher Report

If you’re looking for an alternative to the likes of the BBC, Bleacher Report (or B/R) is an excellent all-rounder. A digital destination for the world of sport, you’ll find coverage on football, rugby, F1, boxing, MMA, WWE, NBA, tennis and golf—to name a few. 

Bleacher Report places its emphasis on collaboration and creative content, which makes it the perfect place if you’re looking for opinionated pieces and fresh takes. What’s more, it has a handy videos section where you can catch up on highlights and interviews, as well as pages dedicated to sports odds, and gaming.


From political hot takes and fast-food recipes to gaming and British culture, Joe has a huge back catalog of opinion, inspirational, and entertainment pieces. Plus, you’ll find plenty of sports content here, too. This includes football and boxing as well as weightlifting and strongman.

If that’s not alternative enough for you, you’ll also find an entire category dedicated to Tyson Fury, a ‘Weird Britain’ section, and a weekly online pub quiz every Friday night. Sign us up!


Founded in 2005, Deadspin is a sports news website primarily aimed at the American audience. This dedicated sports blog provides recaps, commentaries, and previews, and covers a range of sports including baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer, football, poker and the Olympics.

In addition to providing the usual sports news you’d expect from a site of this caliber, Deadspin has a unique offering in the form of its ‘Lists’ category. This includes articles containing sports wins and losses from particular years as well as an interesting feature called ‘Idiot of the Month’.

Holding Willey

Are you crazy about cricket? Then Holding Willey should be your new go-to. With a tagline that reads ‘The second best way to enjoy cricket’, this website brings together cricket fans from across the world by sharing upcoming and recent matches, scores, articles, and even an original satirical comic series.

You won’t find cricket journalists here. Instead, Holding Willey encourages readers to submit their own content and prides itself on providing a different dimension to the game.

Rugby Onslaught

Started by a fan who had fallen out of love with mainstream news media, Rugby Onslaught is a fun, light-hearted site that writes from the fan’s perspective. The site covers tournaments from across the world, including the Six Nations, European Championships Cup, and Rugby World Cup, as well as brilliant analysis.

With a slogan that reads ‘Because being ill-informed shouldn’t stop you from writing about rugby’, as well as categories called ‘Bizarre’ and ‘Laughs’, this is the site for those who want to enjoy witty reads about the world of rugby.

Whatever your sport, our top 5 alternative sports websites are the perfect way to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

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