5 Myths About the Event Hire Services That Cloud Your Thoughts

Organising an event is a lot of work. You need to decide the theme, select the venue, prepare guest lists, send out invitations, arrange the food, figure out the décor and logistics. The good news is that the professional event hire services are ready to help you. But, instead of taking benefits from these services, you may refrain from hiring them owing to common misconceptions. It is time to bust the top myths about professionals.

Myth #1: It is cheaper to plan the event yourself

The most common myth about event planners is that you are going to spend a lot more unnecessarily. But that’s exactly the opposite of the truth. For instance, you will always assign a budget for the traditional marriage ceremony. But due to certain reasons:

  • As you lack the experience of professional planners, you may overpay for the services that are not necessary.
  • You may choose the wrong vendors who will fail to do the job miserably, leading to further money wastage for hiring twice.

The event hire services have tie-ups with reliable and efficient vendors. So, you pay once, and you don’t have to worry further regarding whether the décor items have arrived, or the wedding cake is ready.

Myth #2: Hiring the planner is stressful

It will be a shame if you fall for this one. The very existence of the event organiser is to take off the load from you. They will take care of every aspect, including

  • Venue
  • Thematic décor
  • Food and drinks arrangement
  • Invitations
  • Receiving the guests

The list is long, but the event hire service will lessen your stress instead of adding to it.

Myth #3: Your family can manage the arrangements

Even if you have a big family, depending on the relatives for the organisation of a big party is pointless. There should be continuous coordination between the vendors to ensure that everything goes smoothly with the inputs from all associate services.

Your parents, siblings, or friends do not have the idea or experience to manage so many services simultaneously. And you won’t also prefer to bother the family members with the continuous stress to check whether the food arrived, the guests have got the drinks served and other such responsibilities.

Myth #4: Your event is not that big

Some of you even think that the event hire services are only for big events like an outdoor corporate party or a destination wedding. But it is not so. You can hire the planners for even a house party if you are not ready to give in so much effort and energy into arranging the party.

No job is small if you are collaborating with a good service provider. The professionals apply equal attention and use their logistical expertise to plan, organise, promote and execute the event. Any smart event planner knows that the small events are boons in disguise as these offer them the opportunity to gain experience and learn.

Myth # 5: No personalisation possible

Some people think that the event planners hijack the event from the actual one organising the event. It is understandable as ceding control to a stranger event hire professional can make you somewhat nervous. But that won’t make any difference in the plan.

  • The experts perceive your demands and requirements to arrange the event exactly as you want.
  • They will request permission before making any changes to the plan, even if due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • The planner will listen to you, your plans, and the goals of the event. So, it will be a completely personalised arrangements.

They are smart enough to satisfy the clients.

Learn facts

The facts about event hire services will help you to get rid of baseless ideas about these experts. The planners are geniuses as they can plan for anyone.

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