5 of the Lowest Fee Crypto Exchanges to Know About

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Choosing the lowest fee crypto exchange to buy or trade digital currencies is one of the things to consider and follow in order to have a good experience of stepping into the crypto space. Whether you are a crypto investor or trader, you will have no shortage of platforms. Some of these exchanges will have a good fee structure, fair and transparent. Whereas, there will be some crypto exchanges that have high fee charges and also include hidden or additional charges.

As a crypto investor or trader, you need to be aware of such exchanges. This is why it is important that you take a look at the fee structure of each exchange you consider using. Once you have an idea about the fee charged by other platforms, make sure you choose the crypto exchange with lowest fees.

Here are some of the crypto exchanges that offer impressive and low fees in the market.

Lowest Fee Crypto Exchange – PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is one of the top crypto platforms in the market and is suitable for all crypto traders, whether they are experienced or inexperienced. The users of this exchange have access to numerous global markets and can also benefit from the new trading options available.

This exchange also offers impressive customer support, available around-the-clock. Among other things, the PrimeXBT exchange is known for charging one of the lowest fees in the market. Here are the details of the fee charged by the platform:

  • 0.01% for commodities and indices
  • 0.001% for Forex majors
  • 0.05% for crypto assets

One of the most outstanding features of the exchange is that it has a Covesting feature that makes crypto trading simple and easy for all beginners. This feature allows copy-trading and enables novice traders to copy the trades of experts.

FTX Exchange

FTX is one of the lowest fee crypto exchanges and it was also the first crypto derivatives in the crypto market. It is not only known for its transparent and low fee structure but also for the exclusive trading options it offers to the users.

If you are a user of the FTX exchange, you can have access to market indices, move contracts and leveraged tokens. This exchange is one of the lowest fee Bitcoin exchanges that has a tier-based fee structure.

If you are futures trader, you will have to pay:

  • 0.05% taker fee
  • 0.02% maker fee

If your deposit or withdrawal is higher than your trading volume you will have to pay 0.10% fee.

Binance Exchange

Apart from being the biggest crypto exchange in the world Binance is also one of the lowest fee crypto exchanges. This exchange stands out among its competition and offers impressive features to the users of the exchange.

Similar to several other platforms, the Binance exchange also follows the market maker and taker fee model. It is known to be one of the cheapest crypto exchanges in the world and the details of its fee structure are mentioned below:

  • Low percentage charged for withdrawals or spot trades
  • Market maker fee ranging from 0.02% to 0.1%
  • Market taker fee ranging from 0.04% to 0.1%
  • Withdrawal fee ranging from $1 to $15

The fee charged by the Binance exchange is also dependent on the VIP level of the users’ accounts.

Phemex Exchange

Phemex is one of the crypto exchanges with lowest fees and is known for its outstanding services and features offered to the users as well. This is a Bitcoin derivatives platform that is one of the newer ones. It also has a user-centric business model that makes it stand out among its competitors.

The Phemex exchange is one of the lowest fee crypto exchanges that also follows the market maker and taker model. It also does not charge any deposit fees. The rest of the details are mentioned here:

  • Market taker fee: 0.075%
  • Market maker fee: -0.025%

Bybit Exchange

One of the most popular and cheapest crypto exchange in the market is the Bybit exchange. This platform is known for numerous aspects, including its security, customer support and more popularly its fee structure.

Like other crypto exchanges mentioned above, Bybit also charges a fee that is based on the market maker and taker fee model.

According to that fee structure if you use Bybit you will have to pay:

  • -0.025% market maker fee
  • 0.075% market taker fee

As a first time crypto investor or trader, you will have numerous options as mentioned above but if you know these details you can choose the right exchange for you.


Whether you are looking to buy digital assets or trade them, make sure you choose the lowest fee crypto exchanges. This will help you to buy and trade crypto without worrying about paying any kind of additional charges.

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