5 Pieces of Advice for Renting Properties in Dubai

Whether you’re opting to rent an apartment, a flat, a villa or even a townhouse, the decision is a big one. Properties in Dubai present a whole new world of choices and factors to consider.

For people who’re living in Dubai already, the task can be relatively easy since they know the areas and rates. Furthermore, they also know the tenancy laws and financial budget requirements for different areas. Whereas, for first-time buyers, there are just too many determinants and decisive factors to consider. Not only is the emirate new for them, but most people also don’t understand how properties in Dubai vary from each other. So, let’s take a look at the top advice experts to recommend people to consider before renting properties in Dubai:

Don’t Underestimate the Costs:

The last thing you want to do is underestimate the costs you’ll be accruing throughout the whole transaction process. It’s crucial that you calculate the budget that you have to spend carefully. Set aside specific percentages that will help you get through the various phases of relocating. These will most likely involve down payments and taxes you’ll have to pay for the tenancy contracts.
Another important aspect of relocating is the moving costs along with other maintenance charges of residential communities that people overlook. These little sums can amount to larger totals if you take at the annual figures.

Similarly, whether you’re using your own transport or a public system, calculate parking and ticket costs. Seemingly lower rents in different places can become a bad decision if you ignore the little amounts.

Don’t Compromise on Locality:

To do this, you need to understand what makes a property location ideal. One can grasp the idea of a perfect location by considering their current lifestyle and desires.

It goes without saying that you will like to enjoy all the facilities and amenities in your new home that you get to experience in your current residence. That means, the neighbourhood that you move into should be better, if not the same as your current one. Think of the accessibility you want in the location. Choose a place that provides all the necessary amenities and facilities that you’ll need.
Dubai Marina, JVC and more locations will seem to appeal to a lot of folks.

Consider starting your search from locations that interest you. People who prefer beaches or an apartment with skyline views can find properties that provide just that as well.

Consider Your Needs:

If you’re moving with a family, it’s important that you consider the space of the residential unit. Furthermore, the facilities and amenities you’ll be needing will change entirely based on that scenario. You’ll need schools, hospitals, public parks and open spaces along with a serene and pristine environment. Whereas bachelors can look for an apartment in the middle of the city to have access to entertainment.

Trust Professionals:

The best piece of advice that all experts of real estate can agree on is seeking professional help. This is something most people avoid because they think of it as just another expense. However, if you consider the benefits, you’ll have along with a killer deal that professionals will get, you’ll understand.

Real estate agents and consultants might charge you a certain fee but their services are mandatory. You can’t hope to get everything done in accordance with the laws of the emirate without their help. Furthermore, you need someone to research, negotiate and process the deal. Trusting agents with RERA approved broker’s license is your only shot.

Take Your Time:

Schedule at least 5-6 visits for each property that interests you. Don’t give in to the first few choices. That means you need to have an early start and make time as you go. Scheduling more visits will grant you more time that you’ll need to assess properties.

This is where your hired agents can work their wonders and assess properties for you. Since they have trained for this kind of observation, it’s likely they’ll spot problems better than you can. However, you can’t rush into the deal just because your agent says it’s a killer. Ensure your satisfaction and negotiate till the very end until your demands are met.

Don’t give in to pressure or the landlord’s demands if they are not in line with your plans. For example, people can give into demands such as a no pet policy when they move in. Later on, the family realizes they need a pet for their kids but the landlord won’t have it. Moreover, especially when going for villas for rent in Dubai, people also give in to ridiculous prices as well. This happens mostly because they get tired of negotiating and searching. Don’t let that happen to you. Take your time and make an informed decision that you wouldn’t regret in the long run.


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