5 Quinceanera Dresses Style Trend This 2021

A teenager’s quinceanera is celebrated during her 15th birthday. This is a very significant and important event in a girl’s life because it marks her passage to womanhood. Because of this, the family goes all out when it comes to the preparation of the party, especially on the quinceanera dress.

Traditionally, quinceanera dresses are white because it symbolizes purity. However, over the years, more girls have started opting for other colors that would match their personalities and preferences. But one thing is for sure, the dresses that celebrants wear are a huge part of the quinceanera celebration, so these dresses are often really fancy and extravagant.

Here are 5 quinceanera dress style that is trendy in 2021:

Ruffle Ball Gowns

Quinceanera dresses typically have ball gown silhouettes. But in 2021, we’re all about the details. What would make the typical ball gown silhouettes more interesting and dramatic? Ruffles! The bodice of these ruffle ball gowns is still adorned with gems and beads, similar to the typical quinceanera dress. The ruffles in the skirt part of the ball gown, however, are made with a different kind of fabric, such as organza, tulle, or sparkle tulle.

These ball gowns usually come in different colors, but if you want lighter colors, such as white or cream, you can visit some Prom dresses NJ and find dresses with similar styles. You can even have the dress altered so that you can add more details, such as more beading or even a shoulder cape!

Ball Gown with Illusion Halter Neckline

If you want to accentuate your shoulders, then this is the quinceanera dress for you. The outermost layer of the gown is made out of tulle, giving the gown its soft and innocent appearance.

Moreover, the bodice is adorned with beads and lace patterns. If you want to add more details to the dress, you can visit a shop that sells Wedding dresses NJ, request for a ball gown with an illusion halter neckline, and then ask the staff to have the gown altered so that you could add cascading metallic lace patterns on the lowermost part of the gown.

Two-Piece Ball Gown with Short-Sleeved Lace Top

Two-piece ball gowns are more convenient than just buying one whole ball gown. Why? Because it would be easier to mix and match designs. Skirts of the two-piece ball gown are still made with various fabrics such as tulle, glitter tulle, or organza.

For this set, the top is made of metallic lace. The mixture of both lace and tulle or organza in one outfit will make you stand out at the party. You can complete the look by wearing a tiara and some matching earrings and necklaces. The design of a two-piece ball gown with a short-sleeved lace top is so common that aside from quinceanera dress shops, you can also find the dress in any bridal store in NJ.

If you don’t like the top that originally comes with the skirt, worry not! Since this is a two-piece gown set, you can always look for another top that you would want to pair with the skirt.

Embroidered Satin Ball Gown

If you want an elegant dress that screams regal and sophisticated, but you also want a simple ball gown silhouette, then this embroidered satin ball gown may be the gown for you! The bodice of the gown can have different kinds of the neckline, but with this design, an off-shoulder design looks better.

The bodice itself is embroidered with elegant lace patterns. The embroidery is also accompanied by some beading to make the vibe of the gown even more rich and extravagant. The bottom part of the gown that touches the floor can also be adorned with some elegant lace patterns. If you can’t find a specific gown that looks exactly as described above, you can visit any prom store in NJ, look for a satin ball gown, and then have it altered to have the embroidery and beading on the bodice and skirt.

Since this is a very elegant and sophisticated dress, a tiara isn’t enough of a head accessory to match this dress.