5 Signs You Need a New Cologne Scent

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Are you aware that the global perfume market is at $31.4 billion?

With such a large industry, you can get lots of scents to suit your personality. Sometimes, your cologne scent becomes stale or undesirable. You’re unlikely to notice this on your own since you have a bias for it.

So, how do you know when it’s time to replace your cologne? Worry not since this guide will list the most common signs that you need a new one. That way, you’ll get better male cologne scents right on time for your next outing.

1. You Smell Like Winter but It’s Summer

Winter colognes smell like wood or heavy spices. Meanwhile, summer colognes use fragrances that make people think of water or citrus fruits. To determine whether you’re wearing the right cologne, look at its dominant notes.

In some cases, you can go against this rule. It’s always a personal choice instead of using seasons to define a scent. However, hot and humid weather can make heavy oriental scents too strong for everyone’s liking.

Feeling too attached to your cologne to give it up? If so, consider getting a lighter version to compensate. Lots of major perfume brands offer summertime versions of their popular colognes.

These reformulated versions have lighter dominant notes. It makes them perfect for summer use. Look for “summer” or “Eau fraîche” in the name.

Another thing that you must think about is the subtlety of the scent. It’s all about the scent becoming a part of you. Never let the fragrance consume you, making everyone across the room smell it.

Consider changing your formulation if your favorite scent is heavier. Ensure that you’re buying either eau de toilette or eau de cologne. It’s because these give the same scent but with a lighter intensity.

2. Your Scent Doesn’t Match Your Work Outfit

No hard and fast rules say that your cologne must match your office attire. However, the right scent will send the right message. It applies whether it’s to your boss, colleague, or potential client.

If you’re in a suit-and-tie business, you must avoid using colognes with heavy citrus notes. It means your scent must not evoke the image of a pina colada. Do your best to achieve a fresh vibe without resorting to beach-related fragrances.

Instead, look for colognes with green notes. Some examples include herbs like thyme or mint. It will add some crispiness to your fragrance without losing professionalism.

Conversely, avoid using black tie scents when your uniform is casual. The image of flannel, sandals, and jeans alongside musky scents is discordant. Instead, use scents with floral notes like lavender and ylang-ylang.

These scents will help stimulate your senses. It’s an especially important feature when you work in a creative industry. It boosts your creativity, allowing you to come up with fresher ideas.

3. The Smell Isn’t the Same

Did you ever buy a cologne because you liked how it smelled in the store? If so, it’s easier to understand why it can be a sign to change your cologne choice. Sometimes, when you get home and smell it, it isn’t the same.

It happens more than you think. While you’re in the store, you spray the cologne on a stick. After that, you put it near your nose to catch a whiff.

In the real world, it’s not how we normally take in fragrances. Think of the time when your friend’s fragrance was noticeable and you enjoyed it. You’re likely smelling the scent from a foot or more away.

If you’re too close, you’ll only absorb a small part of the wider scent range. Next time you go to a store, spray the fragrance eight inches away from your neck. Wait for a few minutes to let it settle before thinking about whether it’s the best for you.

4. The Scent Doesn’t Make You Confident

The balance and scent of your cologne depend on the chemicals in your sweat. It’s especially when you use natural ones. They lack the stabilizing compounds found in most synthetic perfumes.

Your diet also affects how your sweat smells. It will mix with your cologne to make a new aroma. The worst part about this is that the scent isn’t always pleasing.

When this happens, you’ll likely become one of the 85% of people suffering from low self-esteem. It’s one of the best times to replace your cologne. You must choose a fragrance you find appealing while using the above-mentioned tips.

If you use a good-smelling fragrance you hand-picked, you’ll likely have higher levels of self-confidence. Never let advertisements sway you since you’ll likely regret it later. Choose your scent based on your tastes instead of relying on others to decide every aspect for you.

Do you only use your cologne now and then? If so, check whether you still like the smell. It’s because cologne loses potency as early as 12 months after opening it.

Store your cologne in a cool, dry, and dark place. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight and heat. That will keep it potent for up to two years.

5. You Wear the Same Cologne for Each Occasion

Are you the kind of person who only uses one cologne scent all the time? It’s more common among men but it doesn’t mean you have to conform. Your scent can get tired too, defeating its purpose: to enhance your ensemble’s look and feel.

It means you must look for the best male cologne scents to fit every occasion. Never wear the same scent you use while clubbing and working in the office every day. Go to a cologne wholesaler and buy an array of choices to expand your repertoire.

Get the Best Cologne Scent Today!

Regardless of the cologne scent you use, it’s important that you feel confident about it. The way people see you will depend on how well you carry yourself with your fragrance.

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