6 Hair Styling Ideas For Birthday Parties

Have a birthday party to attend? Confused about what hairstyle you should go with? Well, you are not alone. All of us wrack our brains to find the perfect hairstyle every single time we have to go to a party. To make your wardrobe preparations for birthday parties easier, below is a list of hairstyles you can wear to the parties:

  1. Floral Hairstyle

This is a super cute and girly hairstyle that will match all birthday party looks. A floral hairstyle is a great option for those who have long hair. If you have medium or short hair, you can use extensions from Sitting Pretty halo hair extensions to do this style.

This hairstyle generally goes well with a light-colored dress and is perfect for a daytime birthday party. Also, remember to match the flowers with the color of your dress for the best effect. With this look, you will be able to stand out and be the one with the best hairstyle at the party!

  1. Messy ponytails

Messy ponytails are a favorite for birthday parties and rightly so! The fashionable messy and voluminous ponytails result in an effortless and extremely stylish look. Unlike the floral style, this one is best suited for night parties. You will first have to make waves in your hair to get some volume.

If your hair is not voluminous, you can use some fake strands. Use some hairspray to set the hair in place and very lightly brush the top layer. Then, you need to gently grab your hair into a ponytail. You can hide the hair tie by wrapping a strand around it. It does take some time to get this style right but once you do, your hair would look great.

  1. Cute Buns

While there are a number of unique styling options for you to choose from, you can always go with classic buns. You can go with a braided, high, low, or side bun depending on what you like. A bun gives off a classic and effortless vibe that suits almost all looks for a birthday party. What’s better is that this hairstyle is very comfortable.

You will need very little time and effort to get the perfect bun. You can also add some sparkling hair clips that complement the dress you are wearing or even add a flower to the bun to give it a unique look.

  1. Long hair Braids

For those with long hair, this is the best hairstyle you can go for when preparing for a birthday party. With long hair braids, you are sure to catch everyone’s attention at the party and stand out.

The hairstyle is super cute and has an elegant look to it. You can even give the braids a messy and fuller look by pulling some strands out of them. Adding flowers, sparkling hair clips or bows will only make your hair look a thousand times prettier.

  1. Sleek and Shiny Hair

If you are not someone who loves a messy hair look, the sleek and shiny hairstyle is the right option for you. This is an extremely popular look that never goes out of style because it pairs up perfectly with any wardrobe choice for all occasions.

It will give you a sharp and elegant look and suits people with any length of hair. You will need to smooth out your hair with a flat iron and then apply some hair gloss to give it a shiny appearance.

  1. Hairstyles with Bows

Talk about a classic trend that never goes out of fashion! Adding a bow to almost any hairstyle will enhance the look by quite a lot. It will make you stand out at the birthday party you are attending by making you the one with the cutest hairstyle there.

For simple hairstyles with a bow, you can create waves and then simply add a cute bow to your hair. Other than that, you can add bows to buns, braids, and almost any hairstyle if you want to. Choose a bow that compliments the color of the dress you are wearing to the birthday party.

All of these hairstyling ideas are very stylish and are sure to make you look excellent at the birthday party you are going to attend. You can try at least a few of them on different occasions!