6 Things You Will Need For A Perfect Picnic

Who doesn’t love picnics? It is an opportunity to be carefree and just have fun with people we love. Stats reveal that an average person picnics at least 3 times a year, that’s 94 million picnics per year.


As carefree as picnics are, yet, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of when preparing for them. If you want to ensure that you have a perfect picnic, read on to find out the things that you must carry with yourself:

  1. The Food Basket

A major part of any picnic consists of everyone sitting together and enjoying snacks while enjoying the outdoors. You need to carry a food basket with some picnic food essentials like sandwiches to ensure that you can have a good time eating.

Carry something that suits the tastes of everyone you are going with- this will allow everyone to appreciate the food and have a good time. Some things like water, juices, fresh cheese from cheese therapy, jam, and pickles should always find a place in your picnic basket.

  1. Sunscreen and Bugs Spray

A picnic out in the sun can be a great time for you and everyone else. It might also be what leaves sunburns as your skin is exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. If you want to avoid the painful, burning sensation on your skin that is often a follow-up to a day spent outdoors, you should apply some sunscreen on your skin that is exposed.

You should also keep a tube of it in your bag and re-apply it after a couple of hours to ensure that no damage happens to your skin. Also, there might be a lot of bugs outside. You don’t want to suffer from bug bites and subsequent infections after having a lovely day with people you love, right?

So, you should carry bug spray with you as well. Apply it to your skin before you head out and again after a few hours.

  1. First Aid Supplies

You have an entire day planned full of fun and enjoyment. Amidst that, you are surely not thinking about the probable accidents that might happen.

Anyone of your family members or the people you are going to the picnic with might injure themselves doing some activity during the picnic. If you are not prepared with a first aid kit, you might have to abandon the picnic to go back and take care of their injury.

To prevent that, make sure that you carry essentials like band-aids, pain sprays, and antibacterial cleansers in your picnic bag.

  1. A Blanket

The blanket is one of the primary components to carry in a picnic. You just cannot have a picnic without carrying at least one blanket with you for everyone to sit and relax on.

Make sure that you carry a blanket big enough to accommodate all the people that you are going with along with food baskets and all the other things. You might not have such a big blanket readily available.

So, make sure that you buy one at least a couple of days before the picnic. Also, try to get one that is waterproof and is easy to wash because there are surely going to be some spillages with so many people around.

  1. A few Trash Bags

While you should definitely be carefree and have as much fun as you can while on a picnic, you should keep in mind that you need to clean the place once you are done for the day and are ready to go home.

While winding up, carry a trash bag with you and go around the spots where you have spent your day and pick up any garbage that you have thrown there.

It is important that you clean the place properly and put all your garbage in a trash bag to ensure that the place remains well-maintained for others to enjoy their picnics as much as you did.

  1. Something to do

To enjoy the picnic, even more, you should carry some items that let you play fun outdoor games where everyone can be involved.

Carry a frisbee, a soccer ball, a twister, or anything that you think will be fun for everyone. You can also carry a book or a drawing board to paint while on the picnic- whatever makes you enjoy the day outdoors.

Carrying these things will ensure that you don’t have to worry about anyone not having a good time during the picnic and you will be able to make the day a memorable one for yourself and everyone else.