8 Sobering Facts on Teen Substance Abuse

Do you have a friend or child struggling with teen substance abuse?

Whether you’re an adult or a teenager, substance abuse is never an easy thing to deal with. People with substance abuse often fall into a spiral. Some end up pushing away their loved ones who want to help.

Substance abuse affects teenagers the same way it does with adults. However, not many people pay attention to this. Drug and alcohol abuse among teens is an issue that everyone should address.

Here are eight facts about teen substance abuse.

  1. There’s a Direct Link Between Depression and Substance Abuse

Studies show that teen substance abuse is a result of coping mechanisms. Teens experience an urge to take risks during high-emotional times. This is what links depression to substance abuse among teenagers.

Teens are often prone to feeling more vulnerable. They may try to engage in daring behaviors to challenge themselves or cope with a problem. You can target this aspect with preventative measures like teaching proper emotional aptitude.

  1. Teens Abuse Legal Medication

Substance abuse does not only consist of alcohol and illicit drugs. Many teenagers also abuse the use of legal medication. Teens will find a way to obtain them without a prescription.

A common example of this is Adderal. This is a drug often prescribed to patients with ADHD. Students may use this to stay awake and prevent themselves from gaining weight.

  1. Teens Who Drink and Use Drugs Can Develop Substance Abuse Disorder

The majority of people who went down the road to recovery started at a young age. Using drugs during the most impressionable times of your life can alter your brain and function. Addicts who started at the age of 11 or younger are prone to developing multiple addictions.

  1. Almost Half of College Students Use Drugs

Over half of both the male and female population in college used an illegal drug. For many students, college is the first time in their life where they get the be independent. However, this often leads to bad decisions based on the illusion of having fun.

  1. Marijuana Is the Most Popular Illicit Drug

Studies show that teens are smoking more pot than cigarettes. A large percentage of teen drug abuse comes from marijuana. There’s no consensus on the reasons behind this but many speculate this is the case because marijuana is cheaper, has medical benefits, and is legal in some areas.

  1. Alcohol Is Widespread Among Teens

Next to marijuana, alcohol is the most widespread substance. More than half of high school students have experienced getting drunk. Binge drinking is now a real problem among teens of college-age.

  1. Teens Turn to Drugs and Alcohol Because of Pressure

Teen drug use often stems from some form of pressure in their lives. When going to parties to socialize, they may feel pressured by peers to try new things. A student may also engage in substance abuse behavior to cope with academic stress.

  1. Substance Abuse Can Be Fatal for Teens

Teens and younger adults are more at risk of a fatal overdose. Even if you don’t overdose, substance abuse can lead to reckless and fatal behavior. Over 17% of alcohol-related crashes are because of teens driving under the influence.

Crucial Facts About Teen Substance Abuse

Here are some crucial facts about teen substance abuse. If you have a friend or family member who suffers from substance abuse, get help.

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