8 Tips for Selling Your House in 2021

When you decide to put a home up for sale, there are always challenges and thoughts about how long it will take to close sales, the number of prospective buyers you will encounter, and how the entire process can disrupt your life.

If you plan on selling a home in 2021, the market may be favorable because of the high demand of buyers and low housing inventory in several housing markets. 

Although this year is said to be a seller’s market in various aspects, it’s still essential to prepare for changes induced by the COVID-19 pandemic and other market changes.

Here are eight tips for selling your home in 2021

  • Find a Real Estate Agent

Hiring the services of a real estate agent is necessary, especially in the present conditions of the housing market and real estate. Real estate agents are responsible for preparing the paperwork and communicating with the buyer’s agent. They offer guidance on the incentives, local market expectations, etc.

With the coronavirus pandemic altering the home-selling landscape, utilizing a professional real estate agent has become vital to guarantee proper marketing of your home and ensure reasonable house pricing. 

When choosing real estate agents to work with, ensure that you employ experienced and reputable agents with good ratings and reviews. At a buyer company like Property Escape, you can find real estate agents that can help sell your house fast for cash.

  • Price Hour Home Right

Every seller wants their home sold for the best price, but overpricing may scare off prospective buyers and prevent sales.

Your real estate agent should provide the comparative market analysis (CMA) to help align your asking price with that of similar houses that were sold nearby.

From the analysis report, you can determine how your house compares with the features and conditions of the sold property before setting your price. 

  • Go Digital

With the COVID19 pandemic impact still being felt, it will be ideal for making your home selling process more digital-friendly by employing digital tools when marketing a house.

Social media is a vital tool that can aid in engaging with prospective buyers and reach a broader range of audiences. 

Furthermore, creating virtual home tours has become necessary as social distancing rules may prevent physical open house tours. With a 3D virtual tour tool, it’s easy to provide buyers with a realistic experience of the property’s features without being present.

Using streaming services like Facebook Live or YouTube can enable interactions with buyers during the tour and allow them to ask questions in real-time.

  • Invest in Professional Photography

Nowadays, most buyers prefer searching for homes online. With all the precautions to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, this trend will undoubtedly continue this year.


Since you will market the house online, ensure that the pictures used in the listing are top-notch. Hire the services of a professional photographer that will capture all the spaces and surrounding areas views of the property in the best possible quality. 

Using an outstanding cover shot with excellent camera quality, lighting, and angle/composition will appeal to prospective buyers. On the other hand, a poorly lit photo with a wrong camera angle and poor focus can massively decrease the home’s appeal even if the house is good.

  • Avoid Costly Renovations 

Although there may be the temptation to renovate some parts of the home, the cost may not be worthwhile. Also, making renovations is likely to consume valuable time. 

Rather than make complete renovations, it’s best to fix just the essential needs and look for someone who will buy it as-is; When you want to sell your house as-is, research how to sell a home that needs repairs: the ultimate guide.

  • Fix Glaring Issues

Although there is a need to make repairs and cosmetic fixes before listing a home in the market, with the limited availability of housing inventory today, there is no need to go overboard with repairs to attract buyers.

Focus more on fixing noticeable issues that could discourage buyers. Address problems like leaking roofs, old flooring, holes, and cracking in the wall before putting the house on the market. 

  • Prepare Your Home Before Listing

It’s essential to make your home unique from others before bringing it into the market. Here are some ways to prepare your home for sale:

  • Boost Your Curb Appeal 

Good first impression always matters, and the home’s exterior is one of the first things a buyer notices. Therefore to increase the likelihood of selling a house, boost the curb appeal by planting flowers, fixing broken mailboxes, tidying the home’s exterior.

  • Stage your home 

Staging a home is a process of preparing it for sales to bring out the home’s best qualities to attract buyers and generate sales fast at a reasonable price. You can hire the services of a professional stager to help do the staging, if you are unable to do it appropriately.

  • Declutter and Remove Personal Items

Decluttering the home by removing personal items can make the house look more spacious. It also helps potential buyers visualize the space as their home.

  • Keep Colors Neutral and Floors Clean 

Applying a fresh coat of neutral paint and getting the carpets and floors cleaned by a professional will go a long way in appealing to the buyers for a minimal cost.

  • Sell Your Home to a Reputable Buyer

The conventional process involved in selling a home can be stressful with repairs, offers that fall through, and months of uncertainty. Selling to a reputable buyer company like Property Escape is an alternative way to sell your home with convenience and certainty.

At Property Escape, we buy houses in California and take care of all the responsibilities involved in the process. 


The processes involved in selling a home can be stressful and challenging, mainly when operating on a tight deadline.

Fortunately, some methods can help to speed up the process. These tips for selling your home in 2021 explained above will enhance your chances of getting the right buyers quickly.