9 of the Biggest 2020 Jewelry Trends

Retro themes like charms, hoops, chains, and chokers have dominated jewelry design for the last few years, and they continue to be trendy. Some of the most popular are made entirely of gold or include gold in the design. The metal’s timeless beauty makes it an ideal fit for any style.

This year designers offer a few twists that give old ideas a new lift, and revivalist jewellery will be everywhere in the fall and winter of 2020. There are also some new concepts this year. Pieces featuring an array of creatures are very much the style. It’s also “in” to wear jewellery made in the shape of everyday items, and stars and amulets will add sparkle and magic to some of the year’s most popular pieces.

1) Look for Designs in the Shape of Everyday Objects

In early 2020, runway models were spotted wearing jewellery inspired by an array of household items. It was the beginning of a popular trend that has continued throughout the year. For example, razor-inspired rings that have long been punk jewelry favorites are now mainstream. Well-dressed women are sporting glittering earrings in the shape of writing pens or locks. The style is not just limited to the world of high fashion. For example, shoppers searching for something gold at Adina’s Jewels will find diamond and gold safety pin earrings and a paper clip necklace.

2) Chains Are Everywhere This Season

Versatile, stunning, gold chain jewelry has been in vogue for decades. Designers just adapt it each year to create a fresh look, and 2020 is no exception. This year, handmade and cast looks are incorporated in all types of jewelry. Per Forbes fashion experts, this fall and winter, buyers can expect to see earrings linked together, forming linear styles that allow movement. Infinity-knot inspired bracelets are in, as are chain necklaces in every length.

Gold chain bracelets are a thing right now, with 18k yellow gold link styles in the spotlight. Choices range from a delicate link and diamond piece to large, thick chains that look chic worn with other bracelets.

3) Creature-Inspired Jewelry Is Hot

Spiders and animals found their way onto some 2020 runway shows-but in a good way. Spider-inspired jewelry was a prominent feature, and, fortunately, creepy-crawlies were fashioned from materials like silver, gold, and enamel. They dangled from elegant pendants, appeared on signet rings, and were even seen in the middle of glittering gemstone pieces.

Elle Decor gurus report that some of the season’s most innovative offerings were also inspired by members of the animal kingdom. Designers have showcased items such as cat earrings, snake rings, gold earrings featuring toucans, and a ring decorated with dazzling gold and sapphire bird.

4) Statement Chokers Abound on the Runways

Chokers are one of the ‘must-have’ accessories for 2020, and fashonistas are wearing them in creative ways. Jewelers offer a wide array of choices that range from edgy spiked leather styles to delicate brushed gold versions with eye-catching pendants. This season it is cool to layer more than one choker or combine a choker with a series of long necklaces.

5) Trendy Women Are Wearing Charms and Amulets

Charm bracelets have always been popular among the younger set, and a few years ago, designers borrowed the concept and created charm necklaces that became the rage among women of all ages. In 2020, they are as in-demand as ever and are often worn with amulets. Owners love the idea of wearing glittering gold symbols of spirituality, luck, and love. On the runways this year, models showed off crosses, hearts, rosary beads, and even a necklace of garlic.

One reason the fad has endured is its versatility. Chic women may wear single necklaces with one or two meaningful baubles or layer several pendants. The Instagram hashtag #neckmess refers to another popular option-deliberately wearing a tangled group of charm pendants or necklaces.

6) Hoops Are Still Essential Jewelry

Every fashion-conscious woman has at least one pair of go-to hoop earrings in her jewelry box because the style matches nearly everything. In 2020, designers took the idea a step further and introduced a few variations on the classic style. Some concepts from runway shows included lace-like gold-plated baby hoops as well as gold-tone bamboo hoops.

Over-sized gold hoops are hot right now and blend seamlessly with the season’s theme of standing out instead of blending in. Suppliers are offering new versions of thick gold door knocker styles with colorful accents. Classic ear cuffs are always in vogue, and jewelers provide them in sizes ranging from barely-there tiny pairs to stunning pieces that almost cover earlobes.

7) Button Earrings Are in for fall and winter

Elegant women have been wearing small, pretty button earrings for decades. This year designers gave the look an upgrade, and the latest button earrings are all the rage. They are ideal for times that call for eye-catching earrings that are not quite as bold as hoops or chandeliers.

One of the year’s most sought-after combinations is rose gold and diamond button earrings.

8) Colorful Gemstones Have Brightened the Year

Jewelry in 2020 features all colors of the rainbow. Popular options include gold statement earrings with bright, twinkling gemstones. Rings featuring an array of colorful gemstones are also on-trend. One unusual novelty that has caught on is ametrine paired with gold jewelry. Affordable, lovey ametrine is part of the quartz family, and stones can include shades of purple, orange, and yellow.

9) Stars Add a Little Magic to 2020

For the last few years, designers have included glittering stars in their jewelry and continued in 2020. Trendsetters are wearing star-studded earrings, chokers, and necklaces. Jewelers offer huggie earrings featuring dangling pave stars and delicate star-shaped gold and diamond studs. Gold lariat necklaces with stars are in fashion, as are starburst rings. Star chain rings combine two of the hottest looks of the year.

Jewelry trends for 2020 offer something for everyone. Designers have resurrected and reconfigured classic styles like gold chains, hoop earrings, chokers, gemstones, and button earrings. Many have also added spider-inspired pieces that introduce a bit of whimsy. Some of the year’s hottest trends are based on everyday objects like safety pins and writing pens. As in the last few seasons, 2020 jewelry designs also include an array of glittering pieces that have stars in every shape and size.

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