A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Women’s T-Shirt

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The fashion industry is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, with female fashion products ranking as the most sought products in the industry at large. It’s little wonder that entrepreneurs, celebrities, and investors are slowly finding their way into this industry. However, that’s not the basis of this article. 

Across the world, women love to look classy at all times; thus, they don’t mind investing their time and resources searching for the best fashion items such as clothing and makeup. In that regard, it’s evident that one of the most popular clothing apparel amongst many women is the T-shirt, and you wouldn’t blame them for that choice. 

T-shirts come with lots of advantages and perks that endear them to men and women alike. From their comfortability to their accessibility, they continue to be leading merchandise in the fashion market. T-shirts have a long history, but despite their familiar presence and versatility, it may sometimes be tiring to choose amongst a variety of them. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some few tips for choosing the perfect t-shirt. Nevertheless, before we examine the tips involved, let us take a brief journey back in time to the period of the T-shirt renaissance.

History of T-Shirts

Fashion as provocative and edgy as we know it, became common in the 50’s – a period which saw the rise of new styles such as t-shirts and jeans. Fast forward to the ’60s, tie-dye and screen-printed cotton t-shirts were the go-to fashion for the young and carefree. Many brands began to explore and design luxury t-shirts for women from then.

This development was influenced by improved printing and textile technologies, causing a massive boom in the fashion industry, thus paving the way for variety. The disco scene of the ’70s contributed even more to the popularity of the T-shirt movement, with teens and young fans of rock bands sporting tight, bell-bottomed pants and body-hug tees.

At that time, it was common to find a young person wearing a t-shirt branded with the face of a rock star or band in front. However, in the ’80s, the trend had shifted to introduce Iron-on t-shirts, Ocean Pacific t-shirts, and Long t-shirts. In the ’90s and ’00s, baggy t-shirts and V-necks became more common, accompanied by the “Feel Young Forever with A T-Shirt” trend.

From the above, it’s evident that t-shirts have evolved and become significant merchandise in the fashion space, even going as far as having their market. 

Choosing Women’s T-Shirts

Despite the popularity of T-shirts, such as the many designer t-shirts on sale amongst fashion freaks and their easy-to-wear property, it’s unfortunate that few people are beginning to associate wearing a t-shirt with bad fashion sense. While that belief is false, it’s essential to carefully choose one’s tees in a manner that will carefully represent one’s fashion sense. 

In that case, below are a few tips for choosing the right women’s basic t-shirts:

  • Consider Your Style

Great style is everything a woman looks for in an outfit, even a mere t-shirt. Little wonder women take their time to select their dresses. Every outfit has a message it passes across and one crucial factor that determines the story told in the style of the cloth. Since most t-shirts are likely to convey a casual look, then that should be the focus of your dressing.

If that isn’t, then you may go the extra mile to look for t-shirts that go along with your style. For instance, if you seek to achieve a sexy and inviting look, a crop top will be the best option for you. The color of the attire is also important; hence you should consider that too.

  • Is the Fit Right?

Women’s clothes are known to have a range of sizes, unlike men’s clothing with just three to four size options. Hence, purchasing a t-shirt with poor fit can be catastrophic. One should always consider size to avoid wardrobe malfunction and wastage of resources. 

Regardless of your size, it’s best to choose t-shirts with materials and sizes suitable for your body type. Pay no mind to popular body standards and trends, for acceptance is the first step towards confidence.

  • Does It Show Too Much?

Showing off your fabulous body is fine, but remember to be moderate at all times, as exposing too much may result in nasty occurrences. 

As women’s basic t-shirts come with varieties of cuts, it’s necessary to find those that show off the parts of your body that make you feel confident. For example, if you love the shape of your arms but dislike the look of your armpits, you can buy t-shirts that work to shield that area while showing off your arms.

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  • Consider the Trends

Trends come and go, and so do the design and style of t-shirts change as the years pass. Not only do the designs change, but also the way t-shirts are worn. These changes may be regardless of a change in style or make; instead, it has to do with the evolution of culture and aesthetics. 

In the past, when rock culture was at its peak, tight tees were prevalent. However, in recent times, we’re beginning to see a variety of t-shirts styles, all of which are in vogue. From baggy shirts to crop tops to basic t-shirts and women’s V-necks, all these are present in the market today. All you have to do is acquire those that go along with your style and decision. 

Nevertheless, if you’re not fascinated by any trending styles, you can happily rock your style. Nothing beats being unique.

  • Prioritize the Color and Look of the T-Shirt

The color of cloth goes a long way in amplifying or destroying its look. Hence, following the basic color rule in styling and design is crucial. If you wonder what this rule is, it’s no other than the “Light Colors Highlight while Dark Colors Obscure” rule. The rule is self-explanatory, and it points towards the fact that bodies are shown better in lighter clothes than in darker ones.

The color of your t-shirt can also compliment other accessories such as your shoes, your bag, and even your eyes. When you look into a mirror, you should be excited by what you see. If that doesn’t happen, then that color is probably not for you. Always trust your reaction during the styling process.

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