A sneak peek into the much awaited Google Page Experience update

Google updates are regular tasks and keep rolling out mostly without any notice of advance information. However, some major Google updates receive a lot of attention as it happened with Google Panda and Google Penguin in the past, followed by mobile-first indexing, more recently with BERT. Now the buzz is in the air about the Google Page Experience update likely to roll out anytime in 2021. Webmasters and marketers keep a close watch on Google updates because some updates can impact traffic and ranking. Another reason for tracking updates is to stay tuned to the best SEO practices as done by the experts of Newyorkseo.

So what is the Page Experience update, and how is it likely to shape SEO.

Page Experience

The page experience signal is a set of metrics that helps to measure the aspects of the user’s perception about the experience gathered through the interaction with the website. Optimizing these factors makes it more delightful for users to spend time on the web across all surfaces and web browsers. It helps websites move in the direction of meeting user expectations on mobile. It should help to improve engagement, and transactions will be almost frictionless. 

In simple words, Google wants to use the Page Experience signal to determine the usability of your website.  

Why is page experience important?

From the buzz about page experience, it is clear that the update is of high importance. It brings to our notice that Google is paying special attention to what users love to select websites that feature in the top tier of search ranking. It will remove the bias of brands from searches as well-known brands have so far gained heavily from brand searches that helped them earn high ranks. Now, Google wants to offer a level playing field for all businesses, including those that are yet to become brands, so that they too can occupy the higher ranks in search results based on the love showered on them by users.  More is the preference shown by users for any website; higher will be its chances of ranking.

Optimize for user experience

To get ready for taking advantage of the page experience update, you must know that each page of your website is essential and can push up the ranking.  Indeed the overall website experience must be good too, and when you take the best care to optimize each page, it will shine brightly on the overall website.  

Optimize the speed –   Try to attain the best speed for your website with the required optimization so that every page opens fast. At the same time, eliminate broken pages as they can harm your ranking prospects. Page opening speed should preferably be under 3 seconds.

Compare your experience to your competitors’ – To know how your website fares in user experience, have a look at the kind of user experience of your competitors. It will give you valuable insights into the areas for improvement.

Review your design – Use clickable images so that users can move a level up and progress towards their goal.

Ensure that the love for your website becomes infectious to the audience that helps the website appear in the top ranks in the SERP.