A Vehicle Which Is Very Helpful for Loading/Unloading – Crane Trucks

Crane truck is a vehicle that is outfitted with a mechanism that allows it to lift, lower or transfer loaded goods vertically and horizontally. This simple but beautifully designed equipment is capable of tasks much beyond what a human is capable of.

These vehicles are extremely useful in a variety of industries. They are utilized in the transportation industry for cargo lifting and carrying. Trucks are used in the construction sector to lift, transport, or move industrial supplies.

Crane trucks are available in different model with variations in configurations. Models can be ordered with or without a cab. A riding seat attached to the base of the boom can also be employed, allowing the operator to physically ride with the boom while it places a load.

Crane trucks capacities range from 30 to 185 tons. Crane trucks are useful not only for modest and basic lifting jobs but also for larger and more complex lifts. Using such trucks provides significant versatility since it provides both crane and transport capabilities in the same machine. – Hereby, all remaining safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

Four Types of Crane Trucks Are Available

There are several types of crane-type vehicles which are currently on the commercial market:

  • truck-mounted
  • knuckle boom
  • rough terrain
  • all-terrain

These vehicles are commonly used for loading, unloading, and transporting smaller products, but their capacity and flexibility allow them to tackle complex lifting duties as well. Our crane trucks are also ideal for a variety of assembling tasks for different Industries. Every work is completed safely and precisely by our professional drivers.

Truck-Mounted Cranes

This is a vehicle equipped with a hydraulically driven crane or boom. This machine has its motor and is built on a chassis with rubber wheels. It may function as a crane while also being easily transferred from one spot to another while carrying cargo. Truck-mounted versions are useful since they can move through streets and highways. Also, they efficiently provide cargo and load-handling versatility.

This crane truck is fitted with outriggers, which are leg-type legs that extend horizontally and vertically from the base of the truck when working on a job site in a stationary capacity. When transporting a load from one position to another, this assists to prevent a tip-over.

Cranes With Knuckle Booms, Loaders, And Articulating Arms

This piece of equipment’s adaptability and efficiency has enhanced its favor over more typical stiff-boom kinds. The knuckle boom truck is capable of loading and unloading items from the vehicle. Also, It can fold down to tiny size.

Cranes For Rough Terrain

The rough terrain vehicle is used for lifting and transporting items for construction projects, bridge construction, and even by some chemical facilities. The crane trucks model typically has a single motor that powers both the boom and the undercarriage. In contrast to the crawler, the engine is often positioned in the undercarriage rather than on top.

Cranes That Can Operate on All Terrains

This crane truck is regarded as a luxury-type of mobile hydraulic version in the business, with the capacity to drive on all types of terrain as well as move on streets and highways. The trucks for terrains are specifically designed with powerful engines. Apart from it the mandatory hydraulic winches and heavy wheels makes it one of the appropriate vehicles for terrain areas.


As we all can see in the above points there are so many benefits of crane truck. You all can get benefits like loading or unloading from this. Charges may differ from different agencies. You all can check for price negotiation also.