Advantages and disadvantages of website builders

These days, it has become absolutely normal to create sites to promote your business or brand. It helps to attract new customers and get closer to your target audience. Today, almost every provider of goods and services has its own website that promotes its products. Websites are very active, because being on the Internet, they gather many people, interest them and encourage them to become customers.

A bit about a site builder

The site builder is a software system that is involved in creating web pages without using complex codes and other programming tricks. In general, it is a server that literally assembles your future website like a puzzle.

It connects its different parts together, creating a complete and complete picture of the finished site, which you can already work with and fill in with information. 

Such a program is ideal for those who are far from programming but want to save money and try to create their own site. Even a child can create a web page this way, not to mention an adult, so you can be sure that you will succeed. Of course, the website builder has its pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros.

It’s a budget option

Yes, it really is much cheaper than asking for help from specialists who create websites. The key difference is that the website builder does not perform complex tasks that require skilled training, that is, it is not required to create special codes and work with other complex systems. A website builder is much cheaper, and there are even free options, so for beginners, this is a great option for a self-starter.

Easy to use

Site builders is a specially designed program to quickly create a website without hassle. They do not require additional knowledge and skills in programming, which accounts for their popularity. Any user with a basic knowledge of computers will be able to cope with this program. Even your intuition can help you in this case, as all the functions are quite simple, and it will be easy for you to just guess what the next step will be. In addition, website creation platforms have detailed instructions for beginners, and already ready-made templates will definitely not let you get confused about the structure. 

You control the process

It’s your site, and only you know how it should be. You choose its focus and theme, as well as determine the key blocks. With the website builder, you’ll have no problem expressing your own personality, lots of ready-made templates will help you decide what you want your site to be. You are absolutely free in your choice, you can control the color scheme, number of blocks, layout format, and so on. You set your own goal, and you’re on your way to it. 

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Ability to perform analysis

Website builders have an internal analysis feature that helps determine how guests react to the content, how good the traffic is and what prospects expect the website to be. You’ll get comprehensive statistics on your site’s performance, giving you the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses and work on mistakes. 

Of course, this is not the whole list of advantages, but it is one of the most significant, and now let’s look at the disadvantages. 

Obeying platform rules

It all depends on the platform you choose. You will be forced to work by its rules, which means that you cannot go beyond the possibilities offered to you. Each website builder has its own set of templates, which are limited to a certain number, and if none of them suits you, you will have to change the platform. You can’t install your own templates or remake the ones you already have. This greatly limits the possibilities of your site, although you can choose an option that you are completely satisfied with. 

Limited in design and other elements 

As already mentioned, website builders are designed specifically for inexperienced people, so it makes no sense to make their system too complicated with a large variety of elements. If you want an incredibly unique website, created specifically for your needs and desires, then you are better off turning to professionals who understand all the nuances of website design and know how to make it function well. Site builder, alas, is not able to fully meet your need for self-expression and expanding the potential of the site.

As we have already realized, website builders like this one have a lot more advantages, so it makes sense to use them. However, if you are interested in promoting your services, but you are a beginner, then it is worth a try. Maybe you will have a great site, which will become very popular.

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