Technology Trends That Are Evolving the App Development in 2020

Mobile app development is evolving their trends at a very face rate. Nowadays, everything is dependent on mobile apps from consumer demand to updated technology. We have to stay updated at any because technology is evolving at a very fast rate. The developers and mobile app development companies need to have to cater to updated trends to survive in the competitive market.

Mobile apps generate revenues in millions so we have to focus on changing mobile app trends. As per Statista, In 2019, 89 percent of respondents from the UK IT community stated that voice and real-time technologies would evolve in the coming 10 years. 88 percent responded that artificial intelligence and augmenting software will be more evolving in coming years. 52 percent stated that blockchain will be more evolving in the coming years.

As per the above stats, It has been cleared that technology is unstoppable. It is evolving day by day. We need to cater to updated trends to our customers and clients to retain user interest and satisfaction. Companies like mobile app development company Singapore is evolving trends year by year on new technology trends to stay competitive. In this article, we will talk about various technological trends that evolved in 2020.

4 Technological Trends That are Evolving in App Development 2020

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • We all have used excellent FaceApp where we can see our young and old faces instantly. The app uses artificial intelligence and generated revenue up to $1 million. AI helps to make your app efficient and smarter. It is entirely a new technology where AI and ML are built-in.
  • Other features like face detection, predictive maintenance, speech recognition, image recognition, text and image classification, and sentiment recognition are also added in mobile apps with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Chatbots & Mobile Wallets

  • The chatbots are now integrated into mobile apps to solve customer queries instantly. This technology is helping mobile apps to gather data about customer queries and feedback. Chatbots are integrated with the help of artificial intelligence. For example, chatbots help when a user wants to change the password on a Gmail account on MAC.
  • At the same time, users are also using mobile wallets for their transactions and payments. The mobile wallets are like gateways for payments and provide a high level of security to the users. This technology is highly preferred by users so there is a chance of coming to it in near future.

Cloud Computing Integration & Storage Development

  • Mobile apps can have a large capacity for storage because of integrated cloud technology. It works as databases and storage for Android and iOS mobile devices. Cloud storage boosts the performance of mobile apps and user experience.
  • Other features like the low cost in hosting, automated operations, downloading capacity, and user retention are also some added advantages with cloud computing integration. It eliminated the paperwork and record in books.

Wearable App Integration Technology

  • Users prefer wearable devices that evolved the wearable app integration technology in 2020. Smartwatches, Bluetooth, and other fitness track devices are coming with wearable app integration technology. In 2020, Mobile apps are also coming with integrated this technology inside it.
  • The technology can enable users to monitor and download apps on their mobile phones with the help of a smartwatch wearing on their hands. This technology can also help in receiving phone calls and notifications through your wristwatch coming in your smartphone.

Remote Team Management Software

Since the COVID circumstance is as yet winning a very long time after the breakout, the remote working or work from home setting is by all accounts the arrangement that is turning into the new ordinary. This is the reason, it is best for organizations to put resources into a custom remote team management software that is customized to deal with its virtual teams, coordinated efforts, progress following, and significantly more.

You can chase down an appropriate custom web application improvement organization that would comprehend your prerequisites, your business stream, objectives, and objects or more all would see every office and team necessities to make a hearty answer for you.


The app stores contain millions of apps and it will continue. The mobile app trends are continuously evolving at a fast rate. There is a huge competition in the market where trends are being changed day by day. The app is coming integrated with machine learning and artificial intelligence. This technology is giving users entertainment and instant information. We have to provide all the latest trends to our customers and client so that they can enjoy updated technology.

In this article, we discuss we talked about wearable devices. Nowadays, users want instant access to everything. They use wearable devices so that they can control their mobile phones from some distance. Other technologies like cloud computing can help you store your data and preserve it for the future in case of deletion of data from your smartphones. We discussed a few technologies in the article, we hope you find it informative.