Apply These 4 Design Trends to Make your Web Design Sparkle in 2022

As we have entered into the last quarter of 2021, businesses need to assess their strategies and tactics for the upcoming year. While the holiday season is just about to start and that can be a bumper period or a bumpy ride for many businesses. The ones who are not getting the response were anticipating the need to think of ways to change their fortunes. Change in the web design or follow some not friends that can make your website look amazing and adjust to all the many solutions.

Please go through this blog as I offer small businesses and startups four design trends that can make a difference to their websites. And change your image for the better with exceptional design trends that are sure to make waves in the next year and beyond.

  1. Bold Color 

You just cannot create a web page and not offer colors their due share as they are an integral part of any website. If you want to change the color of your website, I hope you have some solid reasons behind this. Because your audience is used to your color and the theme of your website. And only if it is not working at all, then you can go ahead with your plan. The use of bold colors also comes with several strings attached, so let me describe this aspect in detail.

Bold colors offer great visuals and can instantly get the attention of the visitors. But what needs to be seen is whether it is exactly according to the product being displayed and can it be the design change you are looking for? If the answer is yes, then bold colors like red and orange can offer you the change you are looking for that can mesmerize your visitors.

Bold, bright, and saturated colors can make things spicier for a website as visitors are engrossed in the proceedings. Thanks to colors, they start browsing a page as they like the color and theme. Rest is up to the content and CTAs to make a solid impression on the visitors.

  1. Micro Animation 

Just like videos, animation can also make a visitor sit back and take notice of it. Animations get our attention instantly if they are created with passion and great graphics. The storyline of the animation, just like the video, is the real deal so that it can engross the visitors to the proceedings. Micro animations are an extension of how big animations work and this can also make a solid impression if done right.

Micro animations are not taken seriously by some companies as they think that a small animation may not work. They forget that it is not the size but the matter which works. There are other ways in which companies don’t offer any animation at all but pay the price as their website looks pale in comparison with others using micro animations effectively.

An element of playfulness in the hero image can also work as it can enhance the user experience. Everyone looks towards a short experience that can offer them something to think about and a storyline that is clever enough to get their attention. Micro innovations which can do that can go a long way in making a website exceptional and work according to the requirements of the company.

  1. Thumb-Friendly Navigation 

This factor can be termed as a very simple but important one in the design of a site that is aimed at mobile users. We all know that an overwhelming majority of people now use smartphones and handheld devices to connect to the internet. Already over 50% of the users now shop through a mobile device and if your design is not mobile-friendly, chances are that it will not get the attention of your target audience.

The thumb-friendly navigation is a critical part as this web design element is all about making a person use a site with the thumb easily. Now that we have big screens available, people are not able to use the screens with one hand, but if the design is thumb-friendly, anyone will use it without any difficulty. You just have to take care of a simple design element, that is, using all the text and content in the middle of the screen so that no one has to use other fingers to navigate through.

The navigation bar, contact menu, and buttons must be immaculately placed for making the proceedings in your favor. This will make the UX of your page extremely easy to use and users may navigate through all the pages as everything will be on their thumb tips, literally!

  1. Voice-Activated Interface 

This is another great way to attract users who are browsing through your site through a mobile device. A voice-activated interface can also be used on the stock websites but with the handheld device, using voice-activated commands is easier and also sounds logical.

The way we access information has changed rapidly and the attributed interface will be the dominant one in a few years. With the amazing rate of change and technology, especially in smartphones and handheld devices, it is safe to say that voice-activated interfaces will be a vital part of your work design. If you have not designed your website keeping the suspect in mind, then there is a high chance that your website will not be able to attract your visitors.

No one wants to spend time on our website browsing through every page to find the information they need. Everyone will be more than happy to use voice-activated commands to get the information they are looking for. It is not an emerging trend anymore but the one that will make headlines in 2022 and beyond. That is one good reason why businesses must incorporate this feature in their web design to make it user-friendly.

With the help of the top web design agency based in your city or region, you can make this a vital part of your design strategy without much fuss.

Over to you 

What do you think about the four design Trends mentioned in the sloth? Do you already use any one of them or have some apprehensions about it? Either way, you are more than welcome to speak up and offer your valuable feedback for this blog.

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