A Brief History Of the Rise and Fall of ATT Phones

ATT handsets have been among the most selling devices for a long time. Their history is as early as the invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. These devices have faced all rises and falls since then. People often look for a brief history of AT&T and its phones.


Here is a complete and comprehensive history of these phones since the starting of this company:


1) Early History:


The early history of AT&T goes back to the point where its name was Bell Telephone Company. This company was established in 1887 by Graham Bell, and that is from where its name came from. With only a patent of telephone on Bell’s name, this company had focused on producing telecommunication devices. Bell and Hubbard (his father-in-law) also formed a company named American Telephone and Telegraph (AT&T) in 1985. At that time, this company was in monopoly to produce telephones of that era. People could make all the long-distance calls only through devices of this company and its communication lines. Later on, this company came with some new ideas that revolutionized the world of telephones.


2) Introduction of The Dial Phone:


In 1919, when Panasonic handsets were not even in a development phase, Bells Systems (Bell Telephones) introduced its first dialing phone. This device came with a wired connection with a telecommunication line. It also had a dial pad that people could operate by themselves. In 1936, this company introduced a rotatory dial phone that was a great success at that time. People loved the idea of a rotatory dial pad that provided easiness in many ways. It was the starting point when this brand started to bring a modern look to their devices.


3) Telephone via Operator:


People could not make long-distance phone calls without contacting a telephone operator. Yes! This company had the largest pool of operators that used manual methods to transfer calls. There was a cord board in front of every operator that the operators did use to transfer calls. Nowadays, it is done in a single unit which was unimaginable at that time. This system worked for a very long time, and we see many forms of this system these days as well.


4) Mobile Phones:


The introduction year of the first mobile phone was 1946. And soon after that, a direct long-distance calling service had introduced by this company. These innovations made American Telephone and Telegraph Company famous again. They were still holding operators to work as many people did not know how to make direct calls. With the introduction of mobile calling, there was a revolutionary change that brings continents closer to communication. During this era, the introduction of the first transatlantic cable revolutionized long-distance calls. It was prime time for the handsets of this company. It is because every individual had the devices of this company on rent.


5) Phones 80s To 90s:


This period in history had telephone models that were the starting points of modern-day phones. They were compact and also had fascinating designs. The introduction of electronic chip ringers had replaced the old bell ringers in the gadgets. The company started to use soft rubber for buttons. Volume controls were also introduced during this period. Caller ID models were available at that time as well. Branding of AT&T came again replacing the conventional ones. It was a period of constant revolution.


6) Telephones From The 2000s:


With the innovation in computers and other technologies, many new elements were introduced in the 2000s. With many other companies introducing mobile phones, this brand also started with some innovative models. Its Mustang device became very popular as well. The “Quickfire” model from this company became popular as well. These phones were modern and had the latest competitive technology.


7) Downfall in 2005:


SBC Communications bought AT&T in 2005 which was a major downfall in the history of this company. Devices of this company were not up to date. The cheap internet was shifting the attention of people towards devices with internet compatibility. The growth of the cellphone industry was also a reason behind this downfall that ended shortly. After that, this company has never faced a downfall in history.


8) Current lineup:


Modern handsets from AT&T are pretty impressive and have the latest technology in telecommunication. Walker handsets are no way near the devices from American Telephone and Telegraph Company. They have the latest equipment that can fulfill the requirements of modern consumers. Most of them are wireless these days. With batteries and a direct power supply, they can provide flexibility. Multi integration systems provide ease to have in one solution at home and offices. The company’s products beat others with LCDs, Caller ID, automatic answering, and multiple devices connectivity. Its share in the market is the largest among other companies.


Final Words:


ATT handsets are still very popular even after a century. This company has faced many ups and downs since its formation. You can get the best deals from FindHeadsets on the handsets of this company. Visit now to get a remarkable device of this remarkable brand.