Auto Transporters Are Something You Should Know About

The sort of auto carrier to choose when moving your vehicle must be considered while making the decision. Carriers are available in both open and enclosed configurations. Which one you choose will be determined by the specs and preferences of your cargo.

The Operation Of A Car Transporter

Car carriers are designed specifically for the transportation of automobiles. As a result, they are programmed to do exactly that. A standard open-air vehicle carrier has two decks, which allows it to transport the greatest number of autos possible at the same time. Some covered carriers are equipped with two decks.

When your driver arrives, he or she will verify your identification and evaluate your vehicle for damage. Afterward, they’ll carefully maneuver your vehicle onto the carriage.

After that, the driver secures the automobile to the transporter. There are four car attachment points on the vehicle carrier. The driver will use chains and straps to secure the vehicle to the carrier. The majority of autos are equipped with precise frame tie-down holes. A series of chains with specifically constructed hooks are used to securely attach the automobiles to the auto carrier. Drivers must even angle the link between the vehicle and the trailer by a specific number of degrees in order for the automobiles to remain stationary throughout transit.

Types Of Car Shipping Carriers

Surprisingly, there are several types of automobile carriers. Depending on your needs, you could use any of them.

Open Transport – The oldest method of car shipping. Car haulers like this are common on highways. It’s a big truck, but without the enormous boxed trailer. It has a trailer with two tiers of dual metal treads big enough for automobile wheels. The driver drives the car onto the treads and then secures it to the trailer with chains and straps through the wheel wells. Depending on the model, these carriers can store 5-10 vehicles. Due to the high availability of open-air carriers, they have the quickest transit times and the lowest shipping costs.

Enclosed Transport — Less common than open-air transport. With a normal boxed trailer, any hauls on this carrier will have a roof and two walls of protection. Although the trailer is larger than typical 18-wheeler hauls. Vehicles are put onto the trailer by backing up to the open and flattened trailer door. Then hydraulic lifters raise the door and the automobile for easy loading. These trailers allow vehicles to be delivered while preventing exposure to the elements such as weather.

Trailers/towing for single cars are the rarest kind of car shipping Los Angeles California. This is probably because it is more expensive than regular car shipments. These are just trucks with a single-vehicle trailer or trucks used to pull a single car. Cars are placed into these transport carriers either pulling them or driving up the trailer’s ramp. This is the least convenient and most expensive method.

Which To Use?

It is totally up to you and your situation whether you should travel open-air or sheltered. The majority of trips are taken by open-air transit. In fact, 90% of car shipments use it.

Enclosed shipping is appropriate for some automotive exports. Enclosed auto shipping is typically employed for persons with vintage or antique cars who do not want to risk the weather or road debris damaging their vehicle. However, open-air transit is quite unusual. Enclosed transport will cost an extra several hundred dollars.

Also, single car trailers are rare. They’re also incredibly costly. They are also the hardest to schedule. We advise against using this approach for shipments above 100 miles.


Shipping your car saves you the headache of driving it across the nation. If you decide to transport your car, you will have several options. Most customers choose to ship their car via open carrier. It is the cheapest and most convenient alternative. Enclosed auto transport is appropriate for some shipments.

You are always free to select the solution that best suits your needs. Not sure which choice is best for you? Get a free online quote to compare transit times and costs for each option. If you are interested in learning more essential information about vehicle transport, do not hesitate to contact the reliable agents of Auto Shipping California.

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