Benefits Of LPVO Scopes!

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Low Power Variable Optic is a term that refers to the scope used in rifles. If you’ve always looked up tactical AR’s firearms, then you must have heard about Low Power Variable Optics (LPVOs) or may have thought of buying one for your rifle. 

It consists of a comprehensive magnification range that starts from 1x at the low end and can go up to the magnification of 4x, 6x, 8x scopes. So, if compared to an average traditional scope used for rifles, lpvo scopes are surely low powered and provide its users to magnify their subject anywhere from 1x to the highest magnification required.

Enriched with an ideal combo of on-field accuracy along with speed, LPVO scopes can prove to be a quick solution to convert your rifle into a short or long-range firearm and can help you compete in competitions effectively.  

Benefits of LPVO scopes 

Without a doubt, having an LPVO scope on the top of your rifle makes your rifle can do wonders in long or short-range firing competitions. The use of LPVO sights allows a shooter to have a more detailed sight while being surrounded by a potential threat, LPVO can be a source of great help by allowing a shooter to take a more precise and accurate shot.

Moving on to the other main advantage of this low power variable optic, Its zooming feature enables you to target smaller subjects with ease. That doesn’t mean that if you’re new to the shooting field, you’ll be able to hit your targets accurately. Hitting your targets like a pro needs a lot of practice with hard work and devotion, but while you’ll be practicing, LPVO sight will help you to increase your aim accuracy with precision. Without a portable magnification, you can hit a close target quite easily, but while in a long-range, if you need that your bullet should hit the exact marked subject, you’ll need to have this LPVO scope. 

Another great advantage of this LPVO scope is its variable consistency. Firing in a short-range with a magnification of 1x scope is supposed to be a good start but the real magic begins when you;’’ level up your firing game and will fire long subjects with the help of the magnification of up to 4x, 6x, and even 8x.  

If you connect different types of reticles such as the primary arms premium sighting system, then you’ll witness the precision LPVO offers that can’t be compared with any red dot scope. ACSS scope comes with a combo of latest specs which includes bullet drop satisfaction, estimation of range, wind effect, and hitting moving subjects. 

Once a reticle is mounted on an LPVO scope and the right amount of muzzle velocity and its ammunition is adjusted, then there’s no need to count windage and the elevation clicks every time you use your rifle. The reticle improves visual cues and helps you to aim effectively by using the LPVO scope in almost every shooting situation. It doesn’t matter if your target is a steel plate or a small coin placed upside down in an unknown distance, with a 1-6x LPVO mounted with an ACSS reticle will make sure that you hit your target accurately. 

Whereas, on the other hand, a red dot is of no help when it comes to determining your target. Place the dot simply on the target and it’s guaranteed that you’ll miss your subject. Many professional shooters consider the red dot an average sight and a wrong tool to use in a  complex or long shooting range that lies beyond 100 yards 

Thus LPVO has the ability to make your difficult shots look easier. Consisting of marking options, this reticle makes it easier to count the height of the target and where to aim while shooting the subject with increased aim precision of the shooter. And hence is known as a viable pick for hunters and shooters by providing them with an edge and realistic set of prime features that bigger scopes normally don’t come up with. 


The reason LPVOs have turned out to be more popular than an average red dot sight is because of the world of 3-gun competition, where shooters have to fire between different ranges and thus require different types of magnification scopes. 

Hence with that competition,  a new market for low variable power scopes was introduced and since then, it’s upgraded itself to become a basic necessity for professional shooters and for the people who love firing targets at a particular range