Best FL Studio Alternatives

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Those who know about music production, will surely agree that FL Studio is one of the best music production software, out there in the market. It has been the go-to software for budding music producers and composers. But it’s bound to have some drawbacks, which majorly include ungainly recording and cluttered UI, which may take a toll on your productivity, especially if your deadline is close. The complicated editing process is difficult to master, especially if you’re a beginner. Now, you might want to have some knowledge about the alternatives available for you, in case you want to make the switch. Check out HP Service Center in Opera House if you want to fix any type of problem in your Laptop or PC.

We have compiled a list of 5 best FL Studio alternatives with their pros and cons, which will surely help you in better understanding of each and every FL Studio alternative we list here.


You might have already heard of Logic Pro X, if you are in the music production business for a decent amount of time. This software is Apple’s professional grade music production software and can easily beat FL studio in terms of speed and efficiency, no arguments here. User Interface wise, its offerings are at par with its prominent counterpart. The software also has top notch collection of professionally recorded instrument loops, to compliment your wonderful music production skills.


  • High quality music production
  • Easier than a newbie, as compared to FL Studio
  • Professionally recorded instrument loops


  • Limited to MacOS platform only

The free and open source audio editing software might not be the most elegant to use, but provides enough to sneak into our list of best FL Studio alternatives. The software doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, and still pack some great features along with it. The tools are simple to use and even an amateur can learn it in no time. We think that Audacity is “the best” free substitute to FL Studio.


    • Free alternative to FL studio
  • Works with LADSPA, LV2, Nyquist, VST, and Audio Unit effect plug-ins
  • Extremely easy to use


  • Not as many tools available as FL studio
  • Interface is pretty basic

Avid Pro Tools is a beast when it comes to producing and editing audio. This digital audio work station is equipped with a wide range of tools to let you record, edit and mix audio as per your requirements. In terms of user-interface, this FL Studio is alternative is as impressive as its counterpart. Similar to the FL Studio’s project collaboration feature, Avid Pro Tools also allows you to work seamlessly with your team and increase your efficiency.

The software comes with three purchasing options: Pro Tools First, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools Ultimate. If you’re new to music production, we would recommend using the free version (Pro Tools First), then you can proceed to Pro Tools version, which comes at a price of $299/year. If you want your production quality to be that of a pro-level, then you can shell out a few extra bucks for the Ultimate version. 


  • Superfast 64-bit engine for recording and mixing
  • Advanced user interface
  • Seamless project collaborations
  • Free version is also heavily feature enriched


  • Not easy to master, especially for newbies
  • Paid version is expensive

If looking for a FL Studio alternative for producing music, especially for EDM and Hip-Hop track, look no further than Ableton. With simple and easy to understand to interface, we were bound to have this on our list. The info-view window is one the best features, especially for new user. It makes it easy to get a grip of all the features available. Ableton Live has less audio and MIDI tracks when compared to FL Studio and allows only up to four sources to record simultaneously. In terms of price, Ableton is a lot cheaper than FL Studio, especially for the premium version.


  • Informative user interface
  • Huge collection of modern music production tools
  • Easy to customize
  • Excellent for music production for EDM and Hip-Hop tracks


  • Less audio and MIDI tracks
  • Restricted to record only up to four sources simultaneously
  • LMMS

LMMS is here on the list just for those who want to enter the music production industry without spending huge bucks on a pro-level software in their initial days of production. As an amateur, LMMS is more user friendly than the heavily loaded FL Studio. There are a lot of plugins to check out and enhance your music production quality. This free FL Studio alternative is the one for all the newbies out there. The MIDI keyboard looks very stylish and clean at the same time. The free service comes with VST and SoundFont support. You should definitely try this to learn all the tricks of the trade.


  • Free and easy to use
  • VST and SoundFont support
  • Stylish MIDI keyboard


  • Not perfect for advanced users
  • Less features as compared to FL Studio


Now that we have given you our compiled list of all the alternatives for FL studio, it’s up to your requirements to decide which one you want to install. For a pro, we would recommend going with the reputed names in the industry. But if you are just starting out, try some of the free DAWS listed above, before experimenting with the advanced ones.