How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes for You

Have you been running on the same old shoes for years? Finally, making that jump to buy a new pair of running shoes and get outside this year? When you’re looking for the best tennis shoes, there are several things to consider.

Before you rush out and buy the first pair you try on, make sure they’re the perfect pair for you. Go through this list and you’ll be ready to run stress and pain-free.

Buy for Use

There are so many flashy shoe models out there it’s easy to get distracted by the color and style. However, when you’re buying shoes for sports, you want to buy the best ones for your needs, not for your looks. Make sure the shoes you’re getting suit what you intend to use that for, be it running on a trail, track, playing tennis, etc.

If the style of running shoes is still something you want to consider, be sure you look up some reviews on which are best for your purposes. If you want to get Jordan Retros, for instance, read a Jordan Retros review before running a marathon in them.

What Size?

Don’t go into a shoe store assuming your size. A running shoe needs to fit your foot well so that you are comfortable running and don’t end up hurting yourself. You want to leave about half an inch of space from your toe to the end of the shoe.

When you work out and as you move through the day, your feet tend to swell from being on them for extended periods and more blood flow. When you go to try on shoes, do so in the afternoon or evening so that you have a more accurate idea of your foot’s size after swelling to accommodate it when you run. And if you’re ordering online, be sure to check their return policy and what’s allowed when trying them on so you can send them back or exchange them if they don’t work.

A Little Sole Power

Think about if you’re running on hard ground, a treadmill, a trail, or grass. These will change what kind of shoe sole will work best. Do you need more tread and cushion? Should they be waterproof?

Think about what you want to use your running shoes for specifically before buying, and don’t be afraid to ask someone working in the store. They can help you find a good shoe for you and possibly provide you with price deals you didn’t know were available without asking.

The Best Tennis Shoes

The best tennis shoes aren’t a one size fits all kind of situation. Buying shoes, especially running shoes, depends a lot on your needs and what you’re looking for. If you need them for sports or just plain running, you will be looking for two different pairs often.

When buying running shoes, don’t worry so much about the fashion as the fit. Walk and jog around in them before running to the register, and if they still feel good and provide you with the right moves, you’re ready to go. If you found this helpful, check us out for more good fitness tips.


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