Can Working at a Call Center Be Fun?

We all know that you have to work to earn a living, but it’s much easier to punch the clock every day when you like what you do or at least the place where you work. Indeed, some jobs are more fun than others, and there are other jobs that are so dull that you could fall asleep while performing them.

Call center and contact center positions tend to attract young adults, many of whom are getting their start in the workplace. This begs the question, “Can working in a call center be fun?” We’ll answer that question in this brief article and give you some insight into what it’s like to be the person on the other end of the line creating the customer experience.

Working for a contact center might enable you to work from home.

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic put a major damper on the way companies did business in 2020. One major change we saw in the customer support industry is many customer support teams began working remotely from home.

Software developers like BrightPattern use IT and CRM integrations to enable team members to answer their company’s phone calls from the comfort of their own homes. As one of the leaders in the contact center as a service (CCaaS) industry, Bright Pattern provides comprehensive omnichannel contact center software.

As a CCaaS leader, Bright Pattern can provide your support team with the omnichannel solutions and automation tools they need to provide the optimal customer experience without leaving their homes. And, studies show that working from home significantly cuts turnover rates. How much more fun can it get than working in your office, which is only a short walk from your bedroom?

You’ll learn a lot about connecting with people.

One of the great things about working in a call center is you’ll learn a lot about connecting with people from all walks of life. Sell Quick California uses a virtual contact center to manage their customer service and provide peace of mind to homeowners looking to make a quick sale of their homes.

Their real estate agents prioritize making real connections with homeowners and potential buyers to ensure all parties get what they want. However, their customer service personnel who are dedicated to handling their heavy volume of phone calls also figure heavily in the sales process. They may not close deals like the real estate agents do, but their friendly expert customer service makes the real estate agent’s job much easier. That’s because communication is the key to success in sales, and contact center reps are communication savants.

You’ll also learn a lot about sales.

Working in a contact center will teach you a lot about communicating with people from all over the globe. Many times you’ll be tasked with finding a solution to a tech problem or helping them reorder a product, and you’ll always have the opportunity to upsell them. Upselling is getting customers to add a product or service to their order, and it’s a common practice for customer service reps. Working in a contact center and using customer interactions to upsell products could lay a foundation for a profitable career in sales.

It’s easy to look at working in a call center as merely a customer service job, but it’s also a great learning experience. Indeed, many of the things you’ll learn working in a call or contact center could serve you later if you decide to open a small business or go into marketing.

One of the main benefits of working for a call center is the opportunity to work from home. Speaking with callers from all walks of life will help build your communication skills, and you’ll get to meet plenty of interesting people. Furthermore, you’ll learn about closing sales and using data to make smarter decisions. Indeed, working in a call center can be both fun and educational.

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