Can You Be Rich and Miserable?

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If you are thinking about whether you can be rich and miserable at the same time. Yes, you can. The modern celebrity culture is making us realize that we can be rich but miserable at the same time ruining our life with addictions, leading to death sometimes. As per new research, the much richer you get, the less happy you become. Recently a survey was conducted by a journal documenting human behaviour, highlighted that in the United States if average family income reaches $105,000 and globally if it reaches $95,000, the life satisfaction of the family reduces. If you are a small business owner and do not want to spend much on elements like invoice generation for customers you can use various simple invoices for this purpose.

Do not think that only adults are affected by it but children also get impacted. Children belonging to such influential families are likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and even substance abuse as compared to those who do not belong to such families. Imagine how much frustrated you will be if you have a business with no capital.

Money is important but,

You cannot buy happiness from money but it does not mean that money is not a necessity, as it is. It helps you out in ensuring your basic needs including shelter and food are met, whether you have a sustainable earning source or not. When you have enough money with you, you will not have to worry about how much you will be able to fulfil the basic needs of your family and be able to pursue your interests in terms of career and hobbies. Through money, you can buy peace of mind and that is important. The problem emerges when you do not have enough money to buy your happiness. Well, it is complicated as well, as money does not always guarantee happiness, and sometimes having a large amount of money ruins your life. Money is important but it can lead to several problems as well, few are listed below.

More money more wants

Few researchers argue that more money means more wants. Once you have enough money to fulfil all your basic needs and to repay debt and are still left with extra money to fuel your desires and material gains, it can lead to trouble. Many people think that happiness comes from external factors but it is not right. As plenty of research shows that purchasing material possessions does not make us happy.  

More money more isolation 

When we join the race of earning more, we become more isolated. Many researches highlighted that the more we earn high status, the more distant we want to be from other people. The major reason behind it is our selfishness and the urge to compete with others in terms of money. More wealth leads us to value less the social connectivity we have with others. We make our social circle choices based on our income status.

More money more work

You will no longer know the meaning of leisure time if you want to earn more money. You will work for longer hours leaving less time to enjoy yourself. By working for long hours, we are left with little time to spend with our families.

Our expectations

Everything depends upon our expectations. If you are focused on having more money but not working enough to earn it, things might be different. If you do not narrowly focus on money as a potion to release your stress and depression, you will end up doing more in life. However, if you link your happiness with earning more money, you will remain depressed as no matter whatever you will earn, your urge to earn more will remain intact.

Rich and miserable V/S poor and miserable

Whenever you will ask people this question, you will get answers like better to be rich and miserable rather than being poor and miserable. Well, being poor and miserable makes sense as when you are poor you have so many things to worry about like fulfilling your basic needs. Contrary to this, being rich and miserable seems sinful. If you have enough money to win the daily struggle of survival and can make the most out of your life, being miserable does not seem justifiable.

Choose happy, not rich

What do you want in your life, happiness or money?

Thoughts might be rolling in your mind that you have to pay your utility bills but think are you willing to spend all your life chasing dreams that you will never achieve. Will you allow all the wonder and memories to pass by without even noticing them? How can you prefer money over happiness? Imagine after a few years your kids will be all grown up. The time you should spend with them is spent at your work. At the end of the day, you will have memories of working late at night at the office rather than remembering dinner dates with your spouse or park day out with your kids as you chose rich and not being happy.

Always choose happiness

Choosing happiness over money does not mean that you will not work to earn money or work hard to achieve your dreams. You can choose happiness and still can work to become rich. You may or may not be rich someday but you will be happy with your life journey. You will have moments to remember and to be grateful to your loved ones. You are right, it is not easy to choose happiness over money but not impossible. Small baby steps can make it easy for you.