Celebrating Raksha Bandhan 2021 with Soldiers

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Raksha Bandhan is truly and genuinely a festival of joy. It does not matter you have a brother or not, you can still celebrate this festivity with your brother soldiers, how cool it is! So, make this promise with us that this time you dedicate this Rakhi festivity 2021 to soldiers who work day and night to protect you from the evil eyes of enemies.

Celebrating and rejoicing Rakhi eve with Soldiers

Yes, the season of Rakhi in India is on its way, Sisters from all across India celebrate this memorable festival with their brothers. Just to bring a change this time, Indian sisters can collectively rejoice this season with their soldiers as well.

Furthermore, this festival reminds all brothers about this promise that they are here to protect their sisters from all kinds of obstacles and evil eyes. On this day, they take this specific oath. Sisters dress up themselves, decorate Rakhi Thalis, and ask for a gift from their brothers.

Some buy Rakhis from shops and others prefer making them at home. These days, stylish Rakhi designs are available in the market. When this festivity arrives, sisters tie up this Rakhi on their brothers’ wrists and pray for their long lives too.

Wishes gave by sisters on Raksha Bandhan

Sisters with their brothers all luck, wealth, and health in their lives. They wish for prosperity and pink of health for their brothers. Soldiers genuinely deserve these wishes from their sisters because they give their blood and sweat to protect their country’s people. In addition, they courageously fight through all the wars and battles just to protect their nation. It is these soldier brothers who let us sleep peacefully each night and they remain awake for the whole night so that enemy does not attack us.

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan with Soldiers is a way to acknowledge their efforts

No doubt, celebrating this festival with soldier brothers is a great way to acknowledge and praised their efforts. We know that it is a joyous festival and it specifically portrays the symbol of protectiveness. Just to bring a little smile to our soldier brothers, we can dedicate this Rakhi day to them.

You can even send these Rakhis by delivering them to their desired locations. There are lots of army posts whose addresses are available online. You can note down those addresses and write on it that these Rakhis are for soldiers. It is this Army Postal Service that ensures this fact that your Rakhi message is delivered to the soldiers.

Apart from sending them Rakhis, you should also send them a handwritten letter. This way, you can mention your love, regards as well as appreciation to them. These soldiers should be made aware of the fact that we are always very proud of them.

So, celebrate this wonderful and amazing occasion with some different spirit this time. Let us know what are your plans to celebrate Rakhi to India this time!