Choosing The Right Color For Packaging – Factors To Consider

Believe it or not, colors are the visual representations of the business and brands and it’s the essential part of your product packaging. That’s to say because colors can trigger certain emotions and feelings regarding the product and can greatly influence the purchasing decision. You would be surprised to know that 85% of customers tend to buy a certain product when they are captivated by colors.

Therefore, picking the right color is crucial for packaging. With this being said, brands tend to have a hard time choosing the color palette that suits the brand idea while describing the products. In addition, the color needs to appeal to the customers while curating the unique identity. So, in addition to the custom product boxes by wecustomboxes, you need to focus on the following factors!

Think About The Buyers

As a brand, it’s your duty to ensure that consumers can connect with the brand packaging, hence the color you choose matter. With this being, you need to be vigilant about the target market and make sure that you understand their needs and overall motivation. In addition, demographic information is essential, such as gender, economic status, age, and education.

To begin with, the yellow and red color palettes of the McDonald’s packaging tends to represent youthfulness and energy; we all know youngsters love McDonald’s, so the packaging is on spot.

Product Representation

In some cases, the colors will represent the packaging and the contents inside the packaging (yes, the product contents). For instance, the color of the perfume will speak volumes about the sort of fragrance. With this being said, if the perfume packaging is yellow, the fragrance is meant to be bright and fresh!

Competitive Edge

Who knew your brand could stand apart from the competition just by choosing the right colors? Well, the product packaging should be able to stand out on the shelf with all other products. Conversely, the color palette must be unique as compared to the competition since it promises better chances of getting consumer’s attention. For instance, the red color reminds us of Coca-Cola while blue reminds us of Pepsi, see where we are getting with it?

Delivery of Purpose

Yes, we are talking about the purpose of the products and the color you choose must decipher that. With this being said, the color helps understand the prime purpose. To begin with, Apple’s white logo speaks premium and luxury while the red and yellow in McDonald’s represent youthfulness. So, while finalizing the color, ensure that it speaks the real purpose of the product.


While choosing the color, you mustn’t forget to communicate the brand voice. In simpler words, your brand story should flow through the designs and colors. For instance, if you want to add a pinch of boldness, choosing hot pink or red colors will do the work.

The bottom line is that you need to consider these factors while picking the colors for your brand without forgetting the cultural norms of the target market. Lastly, don’t forget to ensure consistency in your design and fonts.