Dance shoes, the self-love towards happiness

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Dance shoes, the self-love towards happiness


Shoes are the perfect attire, which has the quality to redefine one’s beauty with elegance. Without shoes, the attire, whatever one is wearing or carrying is pointless or incomplete. Shoes are not only used for a normal or casual day, but it also plays a significant role with a dance costume or with any other cultural events. Shoes that are worn with a dance costume are known as dance shoes

Therefore, in this article, the significance, as well as the quality of the shoes are mentioned.

Significance of dance shoes-

For a dancer, the most important as well as significant need is to check for a perfect shoe, which is comfortable yet elegant. Dance is one of the most rigorous and flexible art forms, in which each part of the body gets twisted and moulded according to the moves and beats of the song. So, it is essential to look for a perfect solution so that the comfort and elegance both go hand in hand during the performance.

Importance of the dance shoes-

Dancers often have a vast array as well as a variety of choices when it comes to buying a new pair of shoes.

The important choices include-

  • The shape of the shoes.
  • The width and length of the shoes.

Everything should be in a perfect size and shape; no dancer can afford the tiny difference, as it causes a lot of trouble for legs as well as creating issues during the performance.

It is really important for any dancer to choose the perfect preferred shoe according to their foot anatomy, the strength of the leg and performance level, as well as according to the demands of the role in which one is dancing.

Professional as well as regular dancers often prefer to wear a pair of shoes during the performance, which has been altered according to the perfect shape and size according to the onstage programme.



Types of dance shoes

Ballet shoes

Classical Ballet shoes are the best choice for most dancers. They consist of different material, colors as well as styles. There were also known as “Ballet flats”, which were used by non-dancer as well, because they are comfortable to wear.

Pointe Shoes

Pointe shoes are also known as “toe shoes”, as they are generally used to stand on toes. They are solid, and boxed shoes, which make it often look like someone is barely hovering on toes, however there is also an insertion of toe pads, that are comfortable and adds a cushion like feeling while performing.

Pirouette Shoes

They are the simplest and effective set of shoes. They are used for any competitive dance, especially which includes a lot of turns. The shoes were evolved and they are often used during the training of dance performance.

Jazz Shoes

They are usually used during a jazz class; however, they are not just limited to musical theatre but also extended itself to the dance performance. They are tiny heels which are laced up in the colors such as black, and white or beige. One can use it for any purpose such as music, theatre and the most importantly dance.

Quality of these shoes are-

  • They must provide stability as well as proper comfort.
  • They must be flexible so that they can control movement for greater yet creative expression.
  • They must have hard wearing or rubber soles, as it allows traction and glide without slippage.



The perfect pair of shoes must contain strength, stability, comfort, longevity and must be performance oriented and stylish at the same time. All these qualities define the dancer’s elegance in such a way that it showcases the self-love the dancer has towards the dance as well as towards the will of getting happiness in the form of this beautiful and creative art form.