Discovering The Best Unknown Android Apps

There are very few apps on the market, which are not part of the famous app leagues; here are some of the best unknown android apps that serve the everyday purposes of life and serve all the needs of the people.

Customer care

  • Fast Customer

It will viably destroy the need to hold in the guest holding up the line when managing client care leaders. The idea is this – open the application and select the client care administration you need to reach out to. The application will call the focused-on help, put it on pause for you, and when the leader is free to converse with you, you will get an approach to your telephone from the application. It is, as of now, restricted to just the US and Canada. More nations will be included in future updates.


  • Skiplagged

There are many travel applications out there that will help you plan your vacation schedule, book your flights, discover lodging, and so forth. However, where Skiplagged is distinctive, it looks through a mostly secret space of appointments called “Secret” flights. These are flights that can be reserved more reasonably than typical because they happen as delays to different objections. However, it is a messy interaction essentially; skiplagged filters through every one of the potential mixes to get clients the least expensive flights conceivable.


  • Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha will have the solution to your inquiries. The application creeps an enormous number of spaces. It uses its perplexing calculation to register information, answer your inquiries, and even arrange inside and out reports for you, all in only seconds.

Health & well-being

  • SleepBot

If you are mindful of it, you are not getting the nature of rest you merit. This rest cycle tracker and shrewd alert by the group at SleepBot uses movement and soundtracking programming to give a top to bottom examination of your rest cycle, normal rest time, rest obligation, long haul patterns, and so forth while incorporating point by point reports to assist you with getting the rest you need.


  • Tunity

Tunity genuinely is a masterpiece. It permits your telephone to go about as a transitory television tuner for any television. Open Tunity, point it at the television, and Tunity will utilize a filtered picture to find the program and afterwards stream the sound straightforwardly to your telephone. Thus, you can be social and solitary at precisely the same time.

Stocks and business

  • Robinhood

Robinhood is an application that puts the enchantment and energy of the stock trade in your pocket. What isolates Robinhood from other stock exchanging applications is that it permits clients to put resources into traded on open market organizations and trade exchanged assets without paying an exchanging expense. It’s smooth, current, straightforward, and 100% free. It connects straightforwardly and safely to your ledger, monitors your portfolio, and sends message pop-ups to tell you how your portfolio is performing. No record essentials, no exchanging charges—exchanging ordinary path with the new-formed advantage of being directly in your pocket.

English and vocabulary

  • Word Snitch

Suppose you are a devoted user and utilize different news or digital book applications on your cell phone. In that case, you realize how troublesome it is once in a while to leap forward and backwards from the word refers to know word implications. Word Snitch tackles this by pulling up the significance of the word directly over your current application. Then, essentially select and duplicate the word, which will incite word nark to work, show you the importance, and save the word for later reference.

In conclusion, some of the best unknown android apps have been discovered by people but not made popular due to the funding or user options, but as long as the app serves a purpose to the person, it will run effectively.