Does it cost too much to get your favorite celebrity birthday wishes for your loved ones?

This Covid-19 pandemic has taught us the importance of our loved ones. As everyone has spent a lot of time with their family, they have come closer to each other. We’ve all been using video calling to connect with our family and friends in this pandemic. If some big event occurred during this pandemic, we all have sent recorded video messages for our loved ones so that they can watch it on their special day. However, now you can send celebrity birthday wishes to your loved ones.

If you send a video message that is good and loved by your friends or family, but what if you send a celebrity birthday saying happy birthday to you.? Everyone will be satisfied and love this surprise for sure.

Sending of Celebrity birthday wishesstarted first in the US by sending personalized greetings or messages from their favorite celebrities by paying some amount. However, some platforms have come up with the same idea to give your loved one’s celebrity birthday messages in India.

There are so many celebrities there, like singers, actors, players or any one of which you can send celebrity birthday greetings. Some stars are Singers like Shankar Mahadevan, Shaan, actors like Ronit Roy, Kiku Sharda, Rupali Ganguli, and many more. Including Bollywood celebrities like Shakti Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Geeta Phogat(wrestler), and many more stars.

Cost of Sending Celebrity Wishing Happy Birthday

Now comes the price of the celebrity birthday messages. Yes, you have to pay to get personalized celebrity birthday greetings. The cost of the messages depends upon the popularity of the celebrity. The more famous and popular a star is, the more charges you have to pay for video messages.

In a Lovely Wedding Mall, you have many options like live video calls, pre-recorded video, video messages, phone chats. However, if you think that you are the ones who are getting a chance to connect with your favorite celebrity, yes, you are right, but stars are also gaining popularity. They are getting more opportunities to connect with their fans. Also, this is their chance to get more and more popularity by impressing their fans.

When you are thinking of sending a celebrity saying happy birthday, you have to take care of some things. You need to take care of these things given below:

  • When you request a celebrity message, it will take around 24-48 hours from payment to delivery. When you do the amount after that, the procedure starts; after that, you will deliver the wish within one week. If the celebrity birthday messages don’t get delivered within one week, then request time out, and you will get your refund.


  • If the request you have made is identified as expletive and rejected, then the chances are that you might not get the refund, as you will not get the refund on some sites. However, you can also get blocklisted on some of the sites.


  • You have to share some messages so that the celebrity can get the details of the wish and record the birthday wish accordingly. Therefore, before doing the booking, write a perfect message that you want a star to wish your loved ones properly. You will not get the chance to make any changes in the statement after sharing the message, and you will not get any second chance to change the message on our site.


  • You will get the message to be delivered to you through WhatsApp and email. That video is there with you permanently. You can share and save that video on your mobile or laptop. However, that will be only for personal use, not for non-commercial use. The video copyright remains with the actors or with the agency.

A Lovely Wedding Mall, our main motive is to connect fans with the celebrities in this era. Many other options are also available to surprise your loved ones, but celebrity birthday wishes are the unexpected one, and it is not only perplexing but also appealing. Who wouldn’t want to make their loved one’s birthday special and memorable?

Stars are also loved to indulge with their fans and happily escort from their personal experiences. The cost of a celebrity wishing happy birthday, anniversary wishes, or any other special occasion wishes from your loved celebrities is available on our website at a reasonable cost. So you don’t have to worry about it.

What are you waiting for.? Little bit you can invest in your loved ones because you cannot compare money with the happiness of your loved ones. It is something unique and amazing out there to make your loved one’s birthday filled with joy, excitement, and lots of surprises.

Now surprise your sibling or roast your friend; numerous and captivating messages are there which you can send to your loved ones by the celebrity wishing happy birthday.