Does it worth buying High-end FFXIV Master Recipes?

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The FFXIV market has some very cool stuff. The price does not depend on the demand, the difficulty of the materials (it is as if the player has created a bubble). It takes some time to get a high-end FFXIV Master Recipe, and if you choose to buy your materials in MB, you will spend a lot of money. I will compare meals and weapons/tools (all headquarters) here.



The materials for the FFXIV Master Recipe mid-range meals (60-70 recipes) are very cheap. With high-end equipment, you can turn NQ materials into headquarters food.

FFXIV Master Recipe Meals (70 * -70 ****) Even if you exchange part of the Yellow Scrip, there are expensive materials MB (if you think you have to use High Collect to make food to get Yellow Scrip, it will be quite expensive), range equipment requirements are high, may require food polishing and delineation.


Surprisingly, in my data center, the price is the same, or almost the same, the difference is about 1k. Therefore, the price increase for the mid-course meal is much better.


The liquidity of FFXIV Master Recipe high-end meals is much greater. It will take only 1-2 days to sell everything. Intermediate food takes 3 to 7 days to sell everything, but these foods are in demand (remember, “what people do with your product” is not a market variable).


Weapons and tools

Mid-end Tools (60 ** * -70 recipes): 

If we say 65-70 recipes, their materials are cheap and easy to get by intermediate-end miners.

  • Not all items, but some of them can be sold for 75k-100k (HQ) by spending 15k on materials. Similarly, you can reduce the cost of high-end equipment by purchasing NQ materials.
  • On the other hand, 60 *** is quite expensive, but some of the materials can be purchased by mid-end miners, making them a bit cheaper.
  • Recently, a high-speed rail ax was sold for 300k (not all 60 ***, but some of them are between 200,300k). If you are a mid-end miner, you can reduce the cost of production to 80k.

High-end items (70 ****):

The cost of the material is very expensive because it also depends on high-end alchemy.

  • You can cut production costs by collecting overnight steel ore, but you need a book that needs to be ground until you have 5,000 red notes from the collection.
  • However, you still need very expensive high-end products from other DoHs. You need high-end equipment, as well as foodies and contours.




Considering the cost of production, there is not much difference in the profit margin between 60 *** and 70 ****. However, while all 70 *** products sell for good prices, not all 60 *** products are expensive enough to be comparable to 70 *** products. However, some still do. Mid-range products have lower profit margins, but you can still benefit from them


Same as food, but 60 *** may take 1 to 2 weeks to sell, while 70 **** may take a few days to sell. few days Hour of the week. The demand for moly tools is high because they are the first items players will come in contact with requiring 70, and not all players have enough gold to spend directly on night steel items after reaching level 70. They can be easily sold within a few days.



Therefore, it can be concluded that FFXIV Master Recipe mid-range items (currently) are profitable as high-end items. If other variables are considered, it may be better (high-end equipment requirements, dedicated to polishing big time, hobbyists, etc.)