Electrical Control Panel: Everything You Need To Know

An electrical control panel is a plastic molding or a metal box that contains significant electrical components to help you control and monitor several mechanical processes. They are typically enclosures that are well-known as energized systems that require not only maintenance but also planned preventive maintenance and condition-based monitoring.

The electrical control panel is the most-effective electrical personnel that needs to acquire access within control panels not only to find faults but also for adjustments and electrical safety testing. 

  • Electrical Control panels: What are their types?

From small boxes on a wall to long rows of cabinets located in dedicated plant areas, you can have various control panels in various shapes and sizes. A few enclosures are located in a control room under the supervision of a small team of production coordinators; on the other hand, the rest control panels are placed close to the machinery or under the control of certain production operatives. Furthermore, another form of the control panel, namely MCC, stands for Motor Control Center, which includes all of the motor starting and control equipment for driving heavy plants and, in certain circumstances, for supplying high-voltage.

  • The three types of Electrical control panels are mentioned below:-

1.) PCC Panel: Known as Power control center:-

 PCC panel- the power control center contains various switchgear like MCCs, an air circuit breaker,  MCB, and suitable size copper Busbar or Aluminum. An air circuit breaker is the main circuit breaker where the power comes into the control panel for all switchgear. In addition, this air circuit breaker has an isolate on the panel that allows you to shut off the power.

2.) MCC Panel: Famous as a Motor control center:-

MCC panel-Motor control center panel is an apparatus designed to control some of the electric motors used in various commercial and industrial applications. With the help of an MCC panel manufacturer, you can easily control all the overload rays or solid-state motor controllers. Various electrical power industries currently use an MCC panel known as a motor control center for motor control.MCC Panel is made of different starters, namely-DOL-direct online starter and the Star delta starter. In LT panels, MCC panels play a significant role in the Electrical control panel as they can control the motor from generation to production

3.) SCADA PLC Panel: An automation panel:- 

SCADA PLC panel is a programmable digital computer known as a PLC automation panel. This automation panel is one of the most significant and efficient kinds of control panels which are commonly used in a variety of electronic and electrical circuit fittings. Besides, the SCADA PLC panel is integrated with flawless PLC hardware programming and solid PLC logic.

4.) IMCC Panel: Well-known as Intelligent MCC Panel:-

IMCC panel is a smart panel that is most commonly used to control a few or many electric motors in a central location. It consists of multiple feeders with a common power busbar and a combination of starters that each section contains. This panel is a type of MCC panel that has various advanced features. In addition, it is also helpful in enhancing the workability of a communication-capable motor management device, namely-SIMOCODE, which is popular for monitoring the other lead processes of the motor.

For motors IMCC the panel represents the flexible and modular management system in the low voltage the range that you can connect to a superior automation system directly and more easily. Besides, this panel covers safety and also all kinds of functional requirements related with the disconnection of the motor feeder-automation system.

Hopefully, this blog provides you with every little detail about an electrical control panel that you must know about it.

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