Everything about E-Waste Recycling

In the past 50 years, we have moved from a 1.44 MB floppy to our existing 500 GB flash drive that is even smaller than your thumb. This is an incredible evolution that has come into the technology world and that led the United States to the surface of the moon in 1969 and now they have trivialized the technology to an extent that we can carry it in our pockets in the form of the modern iPhone. You must understand that this evolution has not happened overnight and that we have not come this far where printing from the cloud and the compatibility to make zoom calls from anywhere is possible today just like that. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about – old electronics disposal Singapore, as the aftereffect of the advancement in the technology that is happening today is being suffered by our environment.

With numerous technological innovations that are going on it has allowed us to progress from point A to point B and its advantage is being taken by the modern business in every way possible. People have heedlessly moved from slower electronics to faster connections, much smaller devices and we are briskly moving towards the Electronics of the future. But this has also led to the discarding of the old electronics that we already have in our homes in one or the other form and this is also called e-waste.

People’s appetite for new technology has led to a humongous increase in the generation of electronic waste around the world which has now started impacting the environment in every way possible.¬†

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Importance of proper disposal of electronic waste

  • It is not recommended to keep electronic waste in your house or should be disposed of in the landfills. There have been many organisations that have suggested that electronic waste is dangerous when improperly disposed of as it comprises toxic substances and heavy metals such as chromium, cadmium, mercury and lead that can result in the soil, air and waterways getting contaminated. On an estimate, it is speculated that about 60 million tonnes of electronic waste is generated globally and recycling these electronics will save the landfill space from getting contaminated.
  • In these electronic items, we can easily find valuable materials which are precious for instance like gold, silver and platinum along with copper, aluminium, plastic and glass. By recycling these electronic items, these materials can be reused and reclaimed. You will be surprised to know that electronic devices are nearly 100% recyclable and it can be considered poor stewardship to landfill these materials.
  • The reclaiming of valuable materials from these electronic items through the recycling process will also prove beneficial in decreasing the demand for new raw materials as this will also conserve the important natural resources from depleting them faster. According to many reports it has been stated that about one metric tonne of circuit boards contain about 800 times the amount of gold that is mined from one metric ton of ore.
  • The usage of recycled materials has also proved beneficial in reducing Greenhouse gas emission which is usually produced when manufacturing or processing new products known as virgin materials. If there will be an increased amount of recycled materials available this will lower the demand for Virgin materials.
  • Electronic items that have been discarded can also be kept out of the landfills if they are refurbished reused or donated to a worthy cause which can be found out with a quick Google search which is going to provide you with a few trusts of organisations in most of the areas that are involved in rebuilding order electronics and provide them to those who otherwise would go without. It is important to understand that reuse is an important component to keep electronic items from the waste streams and hence must be practised as often as possible.

On a usual basis, the electronic wastes are disposed of into the landfills through various mediums like mixed in with cars, appliances and industrial scraps that are handled by the scrap Metal Recycling industries whereas individual recyclers have a different approach regarding the methods that they used in handling these items. On a daily basis, a huge amount of progress is being made on the methods that are being used to extract valuable materials and on the transportation of these items through the recycling process.

There are numerous methods that can help in curbing this problem of electronic waste that is being generated around the world and the first thing we need to make corrections to is the mentality of use and throw because it is due to this mindset that people have quickly moved forward to newer and advance Electronics by discarding their old ones. We hope that this blog – old electronics disposal Singapore, proved to be extremely beneficial for our readers.