Everything You Need To Know About Cheeky Bikini Bottoms

When we say we are in the age of cheeky, all that we mean is that every shape and size of the butt is being highlighted and appreciated. Everyone wishes to showcase the natural curves and sexy assets in the perfectly farmed way and that is why many women choose bikinis like agua bendita swimwears, thong bikini bottoms, etc to do so. Well, if you are still not satisfied with these bathing suits, cheeky bottoms are what you can rely on!

A cheeky bikini bottom uplifts your butt cheeks to peek out from the bikini bottom in the most natural way, without causing any discomfort. It makes your back look alluring and sexy in the best possible way.

Perks Of Wearing Cheeky Bikini Bottom

When it comes to a cheeky bikini bottom, it is all about the coverage of your back assets. If you are someone who likes showcasing the skin then these bottoms are made for you. Cheeky bikini bottoms, unlike straight-up thongs, provide coverage from the backside along with showing some of the skin. In other words, it is the perfect example of a bikini bottom that provides a coverage lying between moderate coverage to that of barzillian bikini bottom. With that being said, here are a few perks that you get by wearing these sexy and stylish swimsuit bottoms.

It Gives The Much Needed Perky Look To Your Butts

Cheeky bikini bottoms are known for highlighting your natural curves. Therefore they are the best at showcasing what is the best. Cheeky bottoms highlight the perkiness and if you are any less in it, the bikini bottoms create it for you. A cheeky bikini bottom will never let you down in terms of perkiness.

The Bottoms Give You Minimal Tan Lines

As you know, if the fabric is more the chances of tan lines are greater. Now that cheeky bikini bottoms have less fabric, even the tan lines get reduced. When the exposure to uv rays is less due to tight bikini bottoms, there are chances of getting major tan lines. But with bikini bottoms like these, you do not have to worry about the tan lines.

You Will Experience No Wedgie

As mentioned earlier, a cheeky bikini bottom has more fabric as compared to the other bikinis that showcase skin. When the fabric in the traditional coverage bathing suit is more, the chances of experiencing wedgie increase. But because the fabric in cheeky bikini bottoms is less, you don’t have to deal with the wedgie. You will see no sag in the swim war due to the fabric. They are just perfect to make you feel comfortable.


A true cheeky bottom offers the coverage that you are comfortable in. It neither shows too much nor too little. It is the go-to swimwear for all those who are looking for beachwear that is sexy as well as comfortable at the same time. Please note that a cheeky bikini bottom is not just a cut for two pieces. It, therefore, works exactly the same as that of one-piece swimsuits. You can get many styles in this like side ties, high-waisted cut or scrunchies at the back, etc. Hence the options for cheeky bikini bottoms are endless. All you have to do is find your type and buy as per your preferences.