Everything you need to know about Colored Wigs and Body Wave hair:

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Human hair wigs are the necessary things in daily life which look like a decoration for beauties. Wigs for sale in the market are various, different wigs hairstyles, different wigs, hair vendors, how to make a good judgment, and choose the best hair wigs for you is questioned by most customers. Summer is hot, even with your own hair, you will feel hot, and want to cut the long hair to short. If you wear a wig, it is very hot and uncomfortable. How to deal with the high temperature in summer with a wig? To meet the requirements of the people we have developed Cheap wigs with more wigs style for women as well but in this blog we will try to put light on Colored Wig and Body Wave Hair.

How to Choose a Colored Wig for an Occasion?

Choosing the right wig color can immediately change your appearance, and you can easily and quickly try new styles without damaging natural hair. Colored wigs on the market are available in a variety of styles and colors, red, pink, purple, green, blue, gradient, etc. Choosing your own wig color is a tricky thing, you need to consider many factors. From skin tone, eye color to personality, there are many factors that will affect the overall effect of your hairstyle. Choosing the right wig color will bring you confidence. We provide some tips and important information for women who buy wigs to help you choose the most ideal wig color. How to Choose a Wig Color?

How to choose a wig Color?

Skin Tone

When Choosing The Color Of The Wig, The Most Important Factor Is Skin Color. To Find The Color Of The Wig That Matches You, You Must First Understand What Skin Color You Are. Generally Speaking, Skin Color Is Divided Into Warm Tones And Cool Tones. Look At The Veins On Your Wrist. People With Cool-Toned Skin Have Blue Or Purple Veins, And People With Warm-Toned Skin Have Greenish Veins. If You See Both You Have Neutral Undertones, Neither Cool Nor Warm. If You Have Cool Undertones, You Should Choose A Warm-Toned Wig, Such As Pale Blonde, Platinum Shades, Silvery Blonde, These Colors Are Very Suitable For You. Or You Prefer Dark Tones, Choose Rich Black-Brown, Light Brown Is Also Good. If You Have Fair Skin, Your Wig Should Be A Cooler Tone, Such As Beachy Golden Blonde, Orangey Reds, Or Rich Brown Tones. If You Have Neutral Undertones, You Can Go Either Way.

Eye Color

When Considering The Color Of A Suitable Wig, Focus On The Color Of The Eyes. If Your Color Is Warm Tones, Such As Golden Brown, Green, Or Hazel, Then Pick A Cooler Toned Wig. If Your Eyes Are Cool Tones, Such As Black-Brown, Icy Blue, Deep Brown, Dark Blue, Grey, You Should Choose Warm-Toned Wigs.


Choose The Color Of The Wig That Suits Your Age. As We Age, Light Wigs Are More Flattering Than Dark Wigs. The Colorful Wig Colors Are Suitable For Young Women. For Senior Women Will Fit Quieter Colors. If You Want To Hide Your Age, Use Golden And Warm Shades Of A Wig.

Wearing Occasion

The Color Of The Wig Depends On The Occasion. If You Don’t Want To Experience Too Much Of A Change You Can Always Choose A Fine Wig That Matches Your Natural Hair Color. If You Plan To Attend The Town’s Bonfire Party, Choose A Lively And Bold Wig.

What Is Body Wave Hair?

When many girls buy wigs, they are generally concerned about the suitability of the wigs. If you’re interested in curly hair, here is our recommendation; your first choice will indeed be body wave hair.

However, do you know what body wave hairstyle is? When the hair is shaped into waves, the result is a consistent deep “s” pattern on the whole hair clump, giving it some big wave curl, and the original wave hair clump also tends to have a glossy feel and look. This is the exterior image of the body wave!

The Pros and Cons of Body Wave Hair:


◇ The body wave hairstyles is made of 100% virgin Remy unprocessed human hair.

◇ The body wave bundles are not added with any chemicals, completely healthy and soft for wearing.

◇ The body wave hair weave is double wefts, with no tangle and shedding if the wefts not been cut.

◇ The body wave hair is well collected from top to end in a same direction, it can keep the hair no tangle and smooth.

◇ The body wave bundles haven’t been colored, it keeps the natural condition, suitable for any hairstyle handling, like: straighten, curly, deep curly and other restyle patterns people prefer.

◇ The body wave hair needn’t any special caring procedure, it is easy to maintain.


◇  It would not be for you if you want to switch up your hairstyles

◇ It doesn’t hold the curl the best


Do you have other tips regarding caring the body wave hair? Or do you have any special demands for the body wave hair or colored wigs then you can visit our official website or pay an visit to Julia hair mall where our supporting staff is very much cooperative and you can leave your feedback as well.

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