Examples of Related Services You Can Offer as a Web Designer

Offering services related to web design is a way that is lucrative for web design agencies and freelancers and hassle-free for clients. Many web design agencies are offering services other than web design as a way of gaining more value from each client.

How Can You Make This Work?

  1. Hiring

Doing jobs other than web design when you solely are a web design expert can be a problem. Hiring people of different expertise and setting up a team together, like graphic designers, copywriters, and people for social media management can prove effective.

  1. Doing It All Yourself

This requires you to have good expertise in the services you are offering as well as enough experience to convince your clients that you can do it. Managing your time is the most challenging when opting for this.

  1. Partnering Up with Companies

You can also partner up with companies or freelancers that are offering related services so you can both be benefitted, and your client also has less work on his hands.

Following Are Some Examples of Related Jobs You Can Do For Your Client:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Of course, your client will want their website to one of the most visited. For this, you can offer some deep SEO by understanding the target audience and accordingly creating pages and links that will make your client’s website more attractive.

  • Performing A Test Run

After the completion of the website, you can see how it is doing among the target audience by conducting surveys and interviews, this can help you make changes to the website if required.

  • Hosting

All your clients will need their websites to be hosted and this is where you can come in. Hosting websites for your clients will gain you more profit, but you will have to effective at managing the time and you will have to be confident in how you plan to host it.

  • Fixes and Maintenance

Your client will want a company that can be there for them to handle all the glitches, any upgrades they want, and you can offer them this.

  • AD Management

Most of your clients will want to market their website or products they are selling on their website via advertisements. Letting your client opt for someone else in this regard is not a good idea. You can provide this service along with others at an hourly rate or in packages.

  • Social Media Management

It is hard for many clients to manage their social media pages. This is where you can help your client. You can offer to work on their social media at least 2 days a week which can boost up their attraction.

  • AD Design/LOGO Design

Designing Ads and LOGOS is particularly important when it comes to marketing and is an integral part of the business. Designing Ads and LOGOS according to the likes of the target audience can make your client happy and gain you more profit.

  • Graphic Design

This service can help your client with designing advertisements, brochures, pamphlets, business cards, and more to gain popularity.

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