Famoid vs. Upleap – The Best Way to Get More Followers on Instagram 

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. People use Instagram to interact with their friends, family, and strangers. Recently, many people and small businesses have started to use Instagram to market their brand as well. 

Undoubtedly, growing followers organically is the best way. However, growing Instagram followers organically could be a significantly hard thing to achieve. Sometimes it can take a lot of time and still wouldn’t work. It seems like even if you do everything the right way, it requires a little bit of luck to achieve the following you deserve. 

The two apps that come to mind when we talk about gaining followers on Instagram are Famoid and Upleap. In this article, we will compare both of these apps to make a calculated decision and pick the right one. 


Famoid was launched in 2017. Famoid claims to be the provider of “high-quality social media services.” Most reviews crown Famoid as the “best follower provider on Instagram.” Let’s check the worth of this statement, and also see why so many influencers are using the platform as well. 


Famoid offers followers for all major social media platforms. This includes YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Famoid also offers likes and automatic comments packages. 


The concept behind using a service like Famoid is that it helps you gain the initial follower base. After you have established the initial following and your account is promoted, you can work hard on it and gain more followers.


At Famoid, you will have to choose a package that suits your needs. If you want a small number of followers or a large follower base, Famoid has a package for everyone. Famoid has an exceptional setup that uses computer setup bots and real people. You will get the followers which you paid for. 

Free services 

Famoid offers some free services if you want to try out this service for free at first. Famoid is offering a 50 likes service for free if you want to try out and check the legitimacy of this app. Additionally, there is a free 25 follower service as well. You can use both of the mentioned services for free every 24 hours to ensure that Famoiod is legitimate. 


Famoid doesn’t ask for private information such as your password, so your account is safe. 

Instagram detection 

Famoid doesn’t send all the followers at once to avoid detection by Instagram security features. Thus, it can take a little time to get all the followers you paid for. 

Take away

All in all, Famoid is a straightforward follower service that you can use to gain a following. 


Upleap is another popular platform that several people use to earn followers. 

Upleap claims that their follower services are based on 100 percent human-made accounts. This is a very important feature because Instagram can detect bots. If Instagram detects your account for using bot services, then Instagram can also ban your account. 

In the past, Upleap has dwelled into bot account services. This is one of our biggest concerns about suggesting Upleap. However, Upleap claims that they have transitioned to only human services since 2019. 

Free trial 

Upleap is currently offering a three-day free trial offer for new users. Hence you can try it out before buying any package for your account. 


Upleap offers services for growing Instagram accounts. If you want followers or likes, you can use Upleap and gain the following you need. 


The biggest issue with Upleap is the execution of their process. On paper, it sounds all good. However, now and then, there are a bunch of reviewers who claim to be scammed. Upleap does have a responsive customer support service. 

Take away 

Upleap might be a good service for the price. But because of the usage of bots and scam accusations, we can’t recommend it. 


Famoid is a very effective service for growing Instagram accounts. We can confidently say that Famoid is one of the most secure and legitimate services in the market right now. However, we can’t say the same about Upleap. Upleap does have slightly better timing, but it is not worth the risk that comes along. 

No matter if you are a small account on social media, or trying to become the next big influencer, it’s important to make sure your content value and audience size is growing at all times. Be sure to read through all of the recommended tips listed above, and to start implementing them today.