Generator Canopy Specification

Noise control through GenTent canopies in the industrial or the commercial area is very important for any design and manufacturing process. Similarly, with generators, it is also very important to minimize sound since the hard and unpleasant sound generated by generators easily frustrates most people.

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Generator Companies also gave generator canopies to solve this kind of condition that can help you get rid of unwanted noise from the engine.

Generator companies make a lightweight frame and a sturdy soundproof canopy for diesel generators with a stylish look. Simple to assemble or disassembly, our diesel generator canopy reduces noise effectively. Generator companies produce a wide range of fuel generator canopies with the finest quality materials with the assistance of our cutting-edge technology. Our range offers weather containers, noise reduction and sound-attenuating enclosures designed according to industry parameters.

These can also be delivered according to the customer’s specific requirements and within the specified time period.

Standard Specifies

●     These were designed to protect mobile and stationary generators from bad weather, vandalism and noise reduction.

●     12 gauge steel enclosures. The layer of stainless steel is coated with a polyester powder-rust inhibitors coat before finishing (indoors and outdoors).

●     High resistance to corrosion: stainless steels covered by zinc made of dichromate, bolts and rivets, aluminum anodized alloy with flexible seals between sections of the body.

●     Acoustic sound treatment between 20 and 50 mm (1 to 2 in)

●     Eyes lifted on top of the insert attached to the mat

●     The wide doors provide easy access for glass inspection purposes into the Set generator in “securit” glass mounted in the frame.

●     Inside the enclosure

●     In critical silencer, there is an emergency stop button.

For sound suppression through the closed, weather-resistant acoustic canopy, these are usually installed outside a building in a parking lot or outside the door with noise rate 80dbA @ 1 m.

With the proofing of sound via a lockable, weatherproof acoustic lined box–they are usually installed in a parking lot or outside the entrance area outside the house. Usually larger generators than and up to 500kVA are containerized with noise levels80dbA @1 meters.

Technical Specifications

Specifications of Generator with Auto transfer switch and soundproof canopy

Brand : Please mention
Model : Please mention
Standby Power : Please mention
Prime Power : 320 KVA, 50 Hz, 1500 rpm
Output Voltage : 400 Volt
Output Frequency : 50 Hz
Phase : 3 (Three)
Brand : Preferably the same as the Generator’s Brand. Please mention the exact name of the Brand
Model : Please mention
Engine Type : 4-Stroke-Cycle Engine
Cooling System : Water
Fuel Diesel
Number of cylinders : Min. 6 (six) inline
Aspiration : Turbo
Starting System : Electrical
Speed (rpm) : 1500 (please mention actual rpm)
Governor Type : Hydra-mechanical
Compression Ratio : 14.5: 1 (minimum)
Fuel consumption at 50% load : Maximum 40 L/hr
Fuel consumption at 75% load : Maximum 58 L/hr
Fuel consumption at 100% load : Maximum 75 L/hr
Prime power in kW : Please mention
Standby Power in kW : Please mention
Brand : Preferably the same as the Generator’s Brand. Please mention the exact name of the Brand
Model : Please mention
Type : Brushless
Pole : 4 (four)
Voltage regulation system : Please Mention
Coupling system : Direct
Overall dimensions  
Width : Please mention
Length : Please mention
Height : Please mention
Weight : Please mention
Fuel Tank capacity : Minimum 2000 ltr.
Installation and Others i) The generator shall be provided with an automatic transfer function, soundproof (imported) canopy and a weather protection system.
  ii)The engine brand, alternator, and control panel shall be the same preferably. The exact name of each brand should be indicated;iii) The wiring of load needed is to be tested and the installation, including the distribution of appropriate cables, adapters, etc. should be free of any charges, including the load spread in 4 blocks at different floors of the ‘ BAGAON, SER-e- Bangladesh Nagar Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh ‘ Electricity generation BBS ‘ Parishankhyan Bhaban
Installation Site Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), Parishankhyan Bhaban, E/27A Agargaon, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
Country of Origin : Please mention
Warranty : Minimum 3 (Three) years comprehensive warranty
Delivery : Within 6 weeks after getting the formal purchase order


We can customize any of our generators in accordance with your customer requirements to build a building–i.e. if your generator is not located outside of you. Refit to an existing building or to build a customized sound attenuation–more information on contact with customer support