Golf fashion tips and tricks for men

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Whether you’re dressing for the course for the first time or looking to inject some style into your tired wardrobe, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you stock up on men’s golf clothing.

Though there is no one dress code for golf, most clubs have their own rules on what’s acceptable to wear for a round of golf and what’s not.

Typically, most request that all golfers wear a collared shirt or polo – either patterned or plain – and tuck this into their full-length slacks or smart shorts.

As for shoes, strictly speaking, a pair of regular trainers should be fine – but a decent pair of golf shoes will give you the traction you need to play at your best in all conditions.

There are plenty of ways you can accessorise your golf attire too, giving you a more sophisticated look on the course.

Here we offer a few tips and tricks to help the fashion-conscious male golfer when preparing for a game of golf. Also suggest you find some Best Golf Rangefinder.

When shopping for men’s golf clothing, you need to consider your body type.

If you have an oval body shape, choosing garments in darker colours or with vertical stripes will give you a slender look.

If you’re more of a rectangular build, you can really play around with prints and patterns. Be wary of vertical stripes, though, as these can exaggerate your long body and broad shoulders.

Perhaps you’ve got an inverted triangle body shape, with wide shoulders and a smaller waist. If so, a polo shirt will draw attention to your chest, making your shoulders look smaller and your clothes more fitted.

Whatever your body shape, too many contrasting colours will highlight your ‘problem areas’. Darker hues are your safest option – so go for a pair of navy or black golf trousers and use vibrant accessories to give your outfit a pop of colour.

  • Check your fit

It’s always worth taking time to find apparel that suits your style needs, but you also need to make sure it fits in all the right places.

Wearing a pair of trousers that are too short in the leg is not a good look on the course, and an oversized polo will only hinder your swing.

Similarly, if you’re planning on wearing shorts in the warmer months, they must fall no higher or lower than the knee. And if you decide to throw on a sweatshirt over the top of your shirt, be sure to tuck the collar in to maintain a smart image.

Ideally, your polo shirt should be long enough to tuck into your trousers – nobody should see your belly. If your pants are a tad too big at the waist, use a belt to hold them in place.

  • Coordinate your outfit

The best golfing outfits offer fluidity, either by pattern or tone.

You could opt for an all-black ensemble, or you may wish to go bold with your trousers and tone it down on top with a plain polo or vice versa.

When buying men’s golf clothing, it’s a good idea to have an outfit or look in mind already. This will help you create a stylish combo and only stock up on the items you need (which also saves you money!).

You can match the colour of your golf shoes with your golf clothing for a more seamless look on the golf course. Most people opt for black footwear as it goes with almost everything and won’t show up dirt like a white pair.

  • Complete your look with a belt

Want to give your outfit those all-important finishing touches? Consider feeding a belt through the loops on your golf trousers.

While any belt will give you a more polished and professional appearance on the green, there are plenty of attractive designs from golfing brands, such as Galvin Gren, Ping and Puma, to name just a few.

Available in an assortment of colourways and styles, one of these designer golf belts will ensure your trousers fit nicely and effortlessly complement your look.

  • Wear a hat

If you’re a seasoned golfer, willing to play come rain or shine, you’ll certainly want to invest in headwear.

A knitted beanie is sure to keep your head cosy warm in the harsh winter months, whilst a waterproof bucket hat will ensure your head (and hair) doesn’t get soaked when playing in wet conditions.

Great for keeping the rain and sun’s rays out of your eyes – and guaranteed to enhance your sporty look – a golf cap makes a fantastic addition to any golfers’ attire in the winter and summer.

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