Great Gifts To Exchange With Colleagues This Christmas

Coming up with useful gift ideas to exchange with colleagues on Christmas can be a hassle. Especially when you only have a working relationship with them and don’t know a thing about what they like. Whether it is a Yankee Swap gift exchange or a white elephant exchange, the best thing to do here is to go by the rule of thumb, in which you need gifts that are fun, thoughtful and budget-friendly.

To help you out we have listed down a number of gift ideas you can offer your colleagues this Christmas. Something that might be out of the box but will be well received by them.

  1. For The Green Thumb – Now that we have been stuck indoors for months, and might not be able to see each other it’s best to offer something that keeps your colleague motivated, but does not add to their daily routine. The best option is an artificial potted plant. Adding a much-needed refreshing touch that keeps their mood and spirits lifted even when they are locked in their home. These faux plants do not cost a great deal and are a wonderful addition to any office space.
  1. For The Multi-Tasker – There are some of us who just love multitasking! And if you have a colleague that simply loves to get down to business and cover a bunch of things at once then offer them an adjustable cell phone/tablet stand. Something they can easily set up on their desk, so their hands are free to take care of other pressing matters. A thoughtful choice that shows you pay attention.
  1. For The Desk Organizer – It doesnot matter if you are working from home or the office, a desk organizer can change your life. If you have a colleague that is always looking for the most basic things such as a pen or clip, give them a desk organizer this Yankee Swap. Something smart and stylish that can easily sit on the side of their desk. Creating a clean and comfortable environment for them to work in.
  1. For The Coffee Addict – It is no secret that most of us are coffee addicts, but some refuse to take a step without a coffee in their hands. Make their days better by giving them a single-serve pour-over coffee dripper that they can use at their desk/kitchen table. The aroma will set them up for a minute, as they wait for their freshly brewed cup of coffee.
  1. For The Tea Lover – There is coffee and then there is tea for those who wish to keep a healthy lifestyle. For colleagues who love tea, the best gift would be a teacup infuser, something that is easy to carry and allows them to brew their own tea no matter where they are. All they need now are tea leaves of their choice and warm water.
  1. For The Humorous One – Get a funny gift that will make them laugh out loud during the Yankee Swap gift exchange. There are several suggestions like a coffee mug with funny wordings related to long meetings and emails, cool desk accessories, hilarious flip overs with sarcastic remarks and more.  You can search for funny Yankee Swap Gift Ideas here.
  1. A Gift Card – When all else fails the safest bet to make is getting your colleague a gift card. Making sure they can purchase anything they want, and you will still have offered them a gift that is thoughtful and fun! The best thing about a gift card is that you can directly send them to their home, or even send them an eGift Card via email. Offering them easy and instant access they can use online.

These several commonly used gifts are a great choice, as they offer them useful items they will love and cherish for months to come. Something that makes their life a little easier, while adding to their personality and personal choices. Cheer your colleagues up this Christmas by surprising them with a gift that goes the extra mile. Adding a hint of emotion to keep us all going during the pandemic.