Having Trouble Feeding Your Dog? Here’s What You Should Do.

One would think feeding a dog is a no-brainer. You dispense food into its bowl, voila, your dog will can’t wait to dig in.


If anything, it should be how to stop your dog from diving straight right into its food if all the training videos floating around the internet is anything to go by. You know, having pets hold off their food before given the “Go” light.


Quite the opposite, in fact. Many dog owners have experienced frustration when feeding their dog, as some simply wouldn’t eat no matter what. Here’s what you should do if you’re one of them:


Tip 1: Have the same person feed your dog each time


Your dog should be fed by the same person each time. If you have been to a veterinary setting and/or boarding kennel, you may notice that they have a designated person doing the job instead of having a different staff every time. This is because changing the feeder could lead to an upset of eating behavior in a dog. So establish that rule in your household and you should be off to a good start.


Tip 2: Separate bowls for feeding and water

Pretty self-explanatory, but you should have two bowls for your pet child – one for food and one for water. Not only does it help maintain good hygiene, it is also important psychology-wise from the perspective of dog behaviour.


Tip 3: Set a designated feeding place

You should not, for the sake of your own convenience, change the place where you feed your dog. Set one designated place right from the very start – it doesn’t matter so much where it is, just keep the location the same. This is because changing the place constantly will disrupt your dog’s confidence and routine, which in turn leads to anxiety and possibly behaviour problems. Your dog needs constancy and predictability, so a fixed feeding time and location is essential for its well being and sense of security.


Tip 4: Stick to a diet

Unlike human beings, dogs do not need a change of diet in their everyday food selection. Feed him the same food day in and day out and it will not tire of its diet. In fact, it can get along just well eating the same food every single day. So if you have found a formula/diet that works in keeping it nutritionally balanced, stick to it. Do not change it without a sound reason.


If, after doing all that and your dog is still disinterested in food, you may want to consult a veterinarian for further advice. Alternatively, you can send it to a dog daycare centre where owners have seen tremendous improvements. Rightfully so, as your dog is taken care of by professionals who know their way around dogs. Need some recommendations? Check out Mr Woofles – they are some of the best in town, well-known for its top-notch services and reputation.