How Bicycle Accidents Become Common In Los Angeles

For an individual, a bicycle is the most common mode of transportation. They are efficient and easy to handle on roads when compared to heavy vehicles. However, it proffers less protection when compared to four-wheelers or motorcycles. Major cycle accidents are recorded in Los Angeles that occur on road or at any intersection point.

Where a car or any other vehicle can save you from injuries, a cycle is not that equipped to protect you. Even a light collision with a heavy vehicle can cause serious physical damage. Apart from the helmet and an armed guard, a cyclist has no means of protection.  

Ever wondered how a cyclist collides causing serious damage? Is it that they ride harshly? There can be many reasons to call such accidents common. The statistics display a spike in cases year on year. If you are injured while riding bicycle in Los Angeles, a legal attorney will help you in claiming compensation.

Here are some of the common bicycle accidents that occur either by driver’s negligence or by rash riding.

When Bicycle Is Against The Traffic:
Any vehicle, either large or small, is obligated to follow traffic rules. Therefore bicycles must flow with the traffic in the same direction. If the cyclist is riding against the traffic, it has a high chance of a collision. It leads to a fatal accident even causing death. 

When Vehicles Try To Overtake the Rider:
One of the biggest threats to cyclists is when they face an overtake attempt by a large vehicle. The driver inside has a notion that there is enough space for the cyclist to move on. Unfortunately, that results in losing balance and a strong hit. 

It becomes the prime responsibility of the driver to consider cyclists and give them the space to cross in such a moment. It will be safe for both parties.

In Residential Areas:
Cycle accidents are prone to happen more in residential areas. They are small and often times not visible to the drivers in their private driveway area that leads to side collisions. 

When Vehicles Cross Intersection Points:
Intersection points are dangerous. Pedestrians can use their right of way to cross such points by stopping the vehicle coming in their way. In the case of cyclists, the chances of accidents are higher as a sudden stop will lead to a dangerous collision.

When Drivers Fail To Notice Cyclists:
This mostly happens when a car is turning left. The driver fails to notice a cyclist riding and the result is fatal. 

Drivers Negligence Or Intoxication:
There are times when drivers drive under the influence of alcohol. It poses the most danger to the cyclists riding even with safety measures in place.

Bicycle accidents are disastrous. You will need immediate medical attention to recover. If you or your loved ones have faced such a situation, then you can connect with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. Hire them to deal with the case, as they are the legal experts in drafting and presenting your case in the court.