How Does AGILE Methodology Work?

In the process of software development, many different methods are used. One of the most demanded methodology that many companies prefer for the development of their software includes the AGILE methodology.

This practice of developing software is quite old, introduced back in the year 2001, this method has become quite popular and reliable by the time, that’s why most Software Development Consulting Companies often prioritize it among the others.

So, let’s have a look at its introduction, why it’s better than the traditional practices, how it works and how it can benefit your company

What is AGILE?

In the agile methodology of software development, a team breaks their projects into several stages. Unlike other methods, this method involves a constant collaboration of end-users with the team so that the team can make continuous improvements according to their customers, discover new predicted requirements and develop solutions for these requirements during the process of development.

How Does It Work?

The AGILE methodology involves the following process and stages.

Step 1: Creating a User Requirement List

First of all, the developing team gathers the requirements of customers by meeting them in person. They list down all the details and features which their customers want in the system. This List in terms of AGILE is called the User Requirement List.

Step 2: Estimation and Sizing

Once the User List has been complete. The next step for the user and the development team is to make estimations of their stories and size them accordingly. A story in agile methodology is a particular business requirement that has been given to the software development team broken into several components.

Step 3: Listing Down Customer’s Preferences

After estimating and sizing the stories, the team asks the customers about their priorities. Your customer prioritizes his user list, thus helping you complete the task which is more important.

Step 4: Carrying Out and Delivering Your Plan

Now as you have your User list in the hand and you have already estimated its stories and marked the preferences. Now you can easily go with your plan and start delivering the product to your customer.

Step 5: Updating Your Plan According to Customer

Once your customer will receive the system, he will let you know if he needs any modification and changes in it, so that you and your team can update the system before launching it.

AGILE Methodology vs Traditional Methods

The reason why most businesses prioritize Agile over traditional developing method is that agile is better than them in many aspects.

First of all, traditional methods are quite pricey as compared to the agile methodology. Almost 60% of the total business budget was spent on the traditional method and still, the customer did not get what he demanded.

Another reason for opting for agile over the traditional method is that traditional methods are not productive at all. All the most-demanded and required features are often not included in the software due to a lack of communication and collaboration between the customer and the team.

Benefits of AGILE Methodology

  • Transparency

The major benefit of the opting agile method is that the customer is involved throughout the development of the project and is observing the whole progress personally.

  • Changeable

The agile method allows the customer to make modifications and changes in the system as per his requirements while the system is still in the developmental phase.

  • Customer Engagement

Another benefit of the agile method is that the customer is engaged throughout the whole process and can thus give better opinions to develop the system according to his needs.

  • Better Quality

The end product of Agile is of much better quality than that of the traditional method.