How Does Astrology Work?

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Defined as a PSEUDOSCIENCE and based on heavenly bodies that are mostly out of the commoner’s reach or sometime’s imagination. One might have questioned how astrology works? Is it true? In full honesty, nobody can answer the question, but we sure can find answers that support and help us find out more about the subject.  

What does Science say about astrology’s working? 

Scientific studies often tell us how astrology doesn’t work based on pure make-believe. Astrology Believers, however, will tell how genuine it is and it does work. While we can not point out who is wrong here, we can say They are both right. It solely depends on what an individual might mean by ‘work’. Astrology is said to be the belief that the movements and relative alignment of stars and planets affect every individual’s mood, personality, life choices and environment, depending on the time and place of his birth. 

Astrologers print horoscopes in magazines or newspapers or on several popular sites that are personalized and based on zodiacs by birth date. These horoscopes make predictions in people’s personal lives, describe their personalities, and give them advice, all according to the position of the planets up there. The argument becomes heated when one might stand for or against the subject.

Since time unknown, the world’s ancestors had thought of such movements and positioning of stars and planets in the sky as a medium of Gods contacting them or giving them some messages like a good incident to happen in the future or any bad accident or haphazard to come. Over the years, they developed a very complex, sophisticated and phenomenal system of measuring time and calculating different astronomical events. These systems developed for measurement work incredibly accurately and well even today. Even scientists who defy astrology’s existence or reality wonder how they, who lived many, many generations back, developed this and how is it still relevant today?  

The answer is simple. Calculations, and a bit of logical reasoning and predicament of what’s to come. Just like the early days, astrologer still tell the results or give consultations based on calculations of the movement and positions of the various planets and heavenly bodies. Birth charts today are still made following these calculations. Other factors that help make astrology the experience it is are logical reasoning. A person’s physical appearance often gives off what they have been going through, or we often look for answers when lost. With the calculations, if we add this logical reason, we have astrology, and this prediction of what will happen in the future is as fascinating as it sounds.

Effect of Celestial Bodies on Moods and Life Choices

The real question is how do celestial bodies affect life and moods or life choices on earth? That is where the universe’s rules work naturally, and we, as mortal beings, have no say about it. My astrologer says that everything we see is just an illusion.  We can still look for answers everywhere even like on an astrology app. Why do our moods seem agitated when the moon is said to be in the wrong house? As the mercury goes into retrograde, our emotions such as anxiety, fear, or simple worry are fueled? Why does the backward movement of Saturn make us feel guilty when we do not do anything? This is all due to the cosmic radiation or the cosmic energy we absorb. The different planets hold certain over, and we are at the receiving end. 

Every individual is unique, and therefore, with everyone’s planetary alignment different, everybody receives different energies. Zodiacs are also a simple way of seeing how astrology works. A person with knowledge of the zodiac can easily tell a person apart and tell their signs by their characteristics or personality or even something as negligible as their names. This shows that although astrology seems not true, there is some truth regarding this, and the universe holds so much more than we can even fathom.


To conclude, this pseudoscience might involve some science and have some factual background to its origin and its working since generations. Astrology works for those who want to look up to the celestial beings and find a ray of hope in the dark canopy of gloomy days. Those who are believers can vouch for the authenticity of the subject and how it helps a person get ready for the upcoming future. At the same time, opposers will state that these are just lucky coincidences that happen, and astrology is not even a thing. We stand in the middle ground to let you decide whether this is indeed just a made-up belief or is it something beyond the human understanding of the universe’s way of working?