How Fob Watch works, and what are its uses?

A fob watch is a short leather or a long ring strap watch that passes through the middle of the buttonhole to the other side of your outfit pocket. These watches have evolved back since the 16th century, and historically they were an essential part of nurses’ uniforms. However, it would be best to confuse a pocket and fob watch because the term fob still refers to a pocket watch.

Fob Watch

How Does the Fob Watch work?

A fob watch is designed to work as an ordinary wristwatch, but it is unique in its work, making it stand and be vintage compared to all types of watches at sheworn.com. A fob watch is powered utilizing a mechanical mechanism movement of its part without using a battery or circuit connection. The watch has a knob, a mainspring, a gear train, a balance wheel, a clock face, and an escarpment mechanism as the major mechanical components attributed to how the fob watch works.

When you wound the knob, it produces mechanical energy, and then it compresses the mainspring to turn the barrel’s gear teeth, thereby rotating the gear train. Thus, it triggers the other separate wheels’ rotation directly attached to a cylindrical barrel at the center, connecting to the escarpment mechanism. The escarpment mechanism moves back and forth. 

Further, the other end of the escarpment mechanism is attached to the upright wheel on the balance wheel, causing the balance wheel to move in intervals. The balance wheel’s interval movement drives the cannon pinion attached to both the balance wheel and the minute hand. The cannon pinion rotation also triggers the cycle of small 12 gear teeth that turns the hour hand once in every 12 revolutions of the minute wheel, resulting in minutes and hours as the rotation continues.

What are the Uses of Fob Watch?

The Fob watch has evolved since the 16th century through inventions to the present day, and it is now equipped with unique features that make it reliable for a variety of uses, including the following:

For Nursing

The use of a fob watch in medical careers is a historical event that began with its invention and has been institutionalized as an essential nurse’s uniform until the present day. The fob watch’s significance is how it is uniquely worn in an upside-down fashion, attached/clipped onto the nurse’s uniform on the front to allow the nurse to read the time without touching parts of her body quickly. Thus, further preventing bacterial and viral infections. Besides that, there are also other uses of fob watch in the medical career, and they are as follows;

  • Keeping an accurate time record for the patients’ data to be used for future reference when needed.
  • It helps the nurse organize her daily schedule for efficient task execution at the workstation.
  • It enables the nurse to manage the patients’ medication prescription’s right track.
  • Taking and recording patients’ pulse rate, respiratory rate, and temperature measures.

As a vintage outfit (Jewelry)

Because of its unique designation, the fob watch is one of the looks that evolved 400+ years ago, possessing a rich and exciting piece of work that is difficult to beat. Owning such a work of art jewelry comes at a cost and with a sense of pride in one’s heritage that everyone admires. Thus, it is commonly used as a vintage fashion trend to match up with other outfits to blend with either official or casual outfits.


The rich history of the evolution of the antique fob watch and its significance to the present day has revolutionized the medical profession and fashion industry. Therefore, it makes a perfect gift that everyone cannot disapprove of. Besides pursuing medical work, you should know that the fob watch would make the best and durable watch for a nursing career.