How Giving Trophy Can Motivate And Why Must Not Be Given To Everyone?

Any sports person will tell you how important it is to compete in any sort of sports activity or competition just to win the trophy. It does not matter what game you’re playing, winning a trophy always brings a smile to the face of the winner. The sense of achievement and pride will make you fall in love with the winning trophy. It would not be wrong to say that the trophy is regarded as the ultimate, lasting proof of success and achievement. 

  • To Motivate People 

The important thing is that Awards and Trophies are given to reward efforts so that needed confidence could be built up. It is also quite important to create an incredibly positive learning environment. It makes it possible to increase more strength and teamwork among the team and individual. 

  • To Value Your Competition Winners 

Winning a trophy is regarded as the ultimate reward for hours of dedication, hard work, and perseverance. The trophy tells on its own how important it is for the winner. Therefore trophies must be chosen following extreme care indeed. 

  • To Make You Get Filled With Confidence 

Rewarding someone giving a trophy once his or her performance is done makes it possible to create needed confidence. It imparts incredible positive reinforcement since it can easily be associated along with a set of performance factors indeed. 

If you have been hunting to get your football team to be quite defensive and let less goals in you could reward your team along with a trophy or Medal every time they would be clearing sheets. It would be helping you to increase the team’s confidence in the context of defending. 

  • To Create Positive Environment 

Talking about another benefit of rewarding along with trophies is that it could create an excellent and positive learning environment. If players are rewarded in the context of good and excellent performance, they do feel are recognized in the context of efforts. It will play a major role in the context of learning and becoming an ideal person and players. 

  • To Have Target To Achieve Goals  

Other factors are also involved in the context of rewarding efforts giving trophies since it makes you go motivated completely. If you get to set a target for a team or individuals and introduce an ideal prize or trophy for the individual who is probably going to have their target then it helps them to get motivated. 

Though it is good to give a trophy to the winner, what about others. Should they also be given trophies?

Why Sports Trophy Must Not Be Given To Everyone: Facts and More 

Well, it could be seen in all lifestyles including business, sports, schools, etc. Here players and employees are all dedicated to targeting with reward, which can make you set your target. Many businesses are offering a trophy regarding the best employee of the month, which can truly build motivation being within a business. 

We have been living in a quite politically correct world. Being a society, we have concluded that everyone must be appreciated and should not be left out. Some many experts and intellectuals say that everybody must get a sports trophy. It encourages them to keep doing well at the forefront. 

  • What Should We Teach To Kids 

It does not matter if you are going to win or lose in life. Should they give a trophy irrespective of the fact? Then experts also come up with the fact that if one should also be given trophies and awards if they do not show up to do practice, they do not give needed efforts on the field, if they do not show required passion to the game they are playing. Though experts agree to the fact that only those people should be awarded who prefer to give required efforts. 

  • Showing Up Is Not Enough Up  

The fact cannot be ignored if the reward is given to kids who did not do any efforts or take part in inactivity. It would lead kids towards failure. They will be learning the idea that it is enough to show up and there is no need to put extra effort. They would be learning that the winner is not different since everyone is getting the sports trophy and everybody wins.

  • Competition Is A Part Of Life  

We need to let them learn that competition is life. Healthy competition is required. To win the desired trophy, you have to put in the extra effort. Giving awards to everyone might not be helpful. 

And The Final Thought  

Sports Trophy is an object but it belongs to the emotions of the winner. When you win a sports trophy, it makes you feel better and amazing. A winning person gets motivated to do better indeed.