How Important Is Private Dog Walking to Your Beloved Pooch

Over the majority of last year, most of us spent unprecedented amounts of time indoors within the four walls of our homes. While many of us were absolutely bored out of our wits by the end of it, no one had as much fun during the lockdown as our pets. On the bright side, the pandemic has allowed us more time with them. Imagine how happy and excited your pets must have been to see that their best friend is not going out on their usual routines. 

However, the world is coming to terms with normalcy once again, albeit slowly, and as we all head back to our colleges and workplaces, our furry companions are once again left wondering where their humans go every day. For a lot of younger dogs who are below a year and a half years, they might cause separation anxiety, as they will be away from their adoptive families for the first time in their lives. 

Since dogs, in the simple way their minds work, cannot wrap their head around all this, they are left confused and lonely. In many cases, these pets are losing out on valuable indoor and outdoor time spent with their owners. It may surprise many new dog owners, but dogs bond to a higher degree with you when outdoors, despite the fact that they spend much more time with you indoors. That is why a lot of dog owners use private dog walking services to ensure their beloved furballs are still taken care of while they are away.

How Being Locked Up and Separation Affect Dogs

All dogs love going outside and being free to a certain extent. Locking them up inside your house can have serious ramifications on their mental health. That is why they should get a healthy dose of exercise outdoors on a regular basis. Of course, tight schedules might prevent you from dedicating sufficient time to your dog. Lucky for you, you can hire a professional dog walk service to do the task for you. 

As a dog owner, I admit I was concerned about finding professionals who offer dog walking near me, but that was before I came across numerous opportunities for it online. 

There are numerous benefits to acquiring the services of a professional dog walker to walk your dog for you, some of which we have listed below. 

Fitness and Exercise

Half an hour of walking daily is enough for your dog to be in good health condition. Generally speaking, all dog breeds are very active and need some sort of physical exertion on a regular basis. Dogs that do not get enough playtime or walking time will become obese, disobedient, disinterested, and bored. That can lead to multiple health and behavioural problems, hence it is advised to make sure your dogs get ample exercise.

A private pet walker is a popular and safe choice as they are trained to spent lots of time with animals and can often understand your dog more intimately than an untrained person, thereby being able to use the right tools to motivate your dog and achieve the best possible results.

In a way, a private dog walking service can be customised to suit your dog’s needs.

Mental Health and Alertness 

Physical outings and exercise are as important to a dog’s mental well being as they are to their physical well being. When they run and play outdoors, they experience a lot of new sights, smells, individuals, terrains, and much more. Although all of their interactions might not go over smoothly, when they interact with other dogs, it opens them up to communicate with another member of their species and helps in their overall growth and development.

Some dogs would even get incredibly happy at the mere mention of the word – ‘walk’ or ‘park’. They should not be deprived of these experiences on a regular basis through private dog walking services.

Final Thoughts

If dogs do not get regular walks, it negatively affects their overall health. By not giving them enough exercise, you could be shortening their life by a year or more. You would not want this to happen to your beloved furry friend, would you? That is the importance of having someone to look after them while you are away.

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