How much it costs to hire a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is in huge demand. It is one of the jobs that the person holding a degree right from the comfort of the home can be done. Today, many small to medium-size business people cannot afford to hire a personal assistant as they have to pay a whopping amount as salary. At the same time, they cannot overlook the need for Virtual assistant jobs.

The assistant is the person who would look after the to-do list of the boss, and they never let to lose the day to send emails or call the clients to fix up the meetings. Today, many people are outsourcing these tasks and are hiring a virtual assistant.

It is a win-win for the business owner and the job seeker. By having the virtual assistant for the business owner, it reduces their burden from the shoulder. Even if the business owner is on a family vacation, the virtual assistant will handle all their tasks on their behalf.

The virtual assistant would play a key role in carrying out the day to day marketing, administrative, and financial activities. You can hire skilled people to do the monotonous job at Dormzi. The time spent by the business owner to do a repetitive job can be spent on business growth. The best part of the virtual assistant is that they accept to do even complicated tasks.

The virtual assistants are hired by the business owner for the long term. For instance, you have started a small business online and have to do the day to day activities such as processing the orders, responding to the customer queries, taking care of the ads, and many more; you can outsource these activities to the virtual assistant. By working as a virtual assistant, you can get some passive income. 

When it comes to the virtual assistants’ cost, they do charge USD 5 to 50 dollars. However, the cost would depend on various factors such as experience, geographical location, the complexity of the task and billing frequency.

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Type of assistance

Every work has a different rate. The virtual assistants would charge USD 10 per hour to do the data entry job, whereas, for translation, they charge USD 20. However, with the increase in the complexity level, the charge also increases. The data entry is a manual job where the translation would need technical skill. The more the time you spend and the more risk you take, the more you get paid. 


The experienced virtual assistant would charge you more compared to an inexperienced virtual assistant. You should never make a mistake of hiring a virtual assistant just because they are charging a lower price than others. You must check the experience and skillset to hire one. If the one you hired cannot handle the job well, it results in a costly mistake. The experienced people can take an hour to finish the job whereas a newbie would take 3 hours for the same job. It is best to pay USD 15 per hour to an experienced one then paying USD 10 per hour for an inexperienced person. 

Geographical location

The cost of living differs from country to country. The coffee cup in USD would cost you USD 3, whereas in India or developing countries would cost you less than USD 1. There is a difference in cost and currency. There is also a difference in business expenses. It is the reason many US companies would show interest in outsourcing the support or other tasks to different countries where the workforce charges low.

This concept applies even to the virtual assistant. If you hire a residing person in the US, the cost of living is high, so they charge more than your budget. On the flip side, if you hire someone from India or other countries, living is less and would charge a low price. There is no doubt about the quality. There are many cases where work from developing countries is best in class.

Project complexity

There are a few projects where you cannot risk hiring a resource that does not possess the required skill set to handle the job. There would need a lot of planning to do the job right. For instance, you want the person to prepare the cash flow statement.

They must keep a lot of factors in mind to do the calculation in the right format. It is a complicated project. Conversely, for the data entry job, the task will be pretty simple and straight. The cost would be based on the project complexity. 

Billing frequency

If you are hiring the person to work for you for the long term, they will charge less than the ones you will hire just for a single project. 

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